The Boondocks Coming Back to Adult Swim for New Season.

by MovieCreedLive on May 30, 2019


It seems one of the funniest and most entertaining animated series is making its way back to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

The show I speak of is none other than animation mogul Aaron Mcgruder's highly entertaining show The Boondocks. The update comes via star and voice of character Robert Jedidiah freeman or aka Grandad, John Witherspoon.

Witherspoon has noted on the latest episode and sit down with Joe Rogan on his show 'The Joe Rogan Experience' that the show's return is a definite. Witherspoon stated that The Boondocks is currently in production for a new season. Witherspoon, though, had noted revealed if the new season will include input or involvement in season Aaron McGruder or even if the show will have inclusion of producers Brian Ash or Carl Jones. What is certain is many fans have wanted the show to return for quite a while now or ...

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Beta Ray Bill Confirmed to Be 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3' & Zac Efron Rumored to Play Character

by MovieCreedLive on May 15, 2019


Phase 3 of the MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is supposedly going to come to an end with 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' and after Avengers: Endgame losses of key MCU Avengers team members, this seem appropriate. It is also stated that 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' will pull debut the term Mutants like from the X-Men franchise and also how they came about and where they actually come from. The later update is yet to be confirmed. If this is to be true though about the mutants being introduced by being a result of Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War this will be a snap in the face to fans. Though this move will not come as a surprise seeing that the MCU had not been following the comics all completely and is said to be looked at as a separate entity altogether.

Still, with all the confusing news I’ve ...

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IT: Chapter Two First Trailer Shows Pennywise Out for Revenge.

by MovieCreedLive on May 10, 2019

IT: Chapter Two First Trailer Shows Pennywise Out for Revenge

IT or the Stephen King remake that was released back in September 8, 2017 was an extremely phenomenal hit and it introduced us to a new talented group of actors and an exceptional retelling of the famed story by the famed writer.

The film introduced Bill Skargard as Pennywise the demonic clown who preys upon children every 27 years after it awakens from its long slumber and the new Losers Club that consisted or who portrayed by Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillis, Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Nicholas Hamilton, and Jackson Robert Scott. The film grossed an over $700M worldwide on a $35 million budget and saw the Losers Club defeat Pennywise until he arise 27 years later as always.

Well, after the ending of the first film and its phenomenal box office and storytelling success, there was a second film or a part to announce ...

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Jamie Foxx Close to Playing Mike Tyson in Biopic.

by MovieCreedLive on May 2, 2019


Jamie Foxx is one of the greatest and most diverse actors of our age. The actors have played characters who were true misunderstood villains like Electro of the 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' film and even played the energetic and prolifically exceptional Ray Charles Robinson in the 2004 Biopic Ray.

Now Foxx is heading toward or a step closer to tackling on of his most prolific roles yet and that is playing real-life Heavy Weight boxer and champion Mike Tyson.

For at least a decade now, Foxx had expressed his desire to play Mike Tyson on the big screen. Well, for at least two years, Foxx had hinted at being eyed to play the part of portraying Tyson in a biopic.

Today, Foxx went to his Instagram page and released a picture of himself and Mike Tyson with a caption that read "#TheJourneyBegins" and "One Step Closer".

jamie foxx biopic

The picture and caption ...

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What Makes a Truly Great Sports Movie?

by MovieCreedLive on April 30, 2019
Sports movies are not your ordinary or daily Hollywood movies. They do have similarities with ordinary movies, like the tendency to follow action and increase tension; they also have good guys and bad guys, but these characters are shown with less ambiguity than in other genres.
So, what makes a sports movie great? Well, it is not the amazing acting—this doesn’t have to be exceptional to make a sports movie great, but it does help, as is the case in Raging Bull, Bull Durham, and others. Its greatness does not depend on whether it is funny or sad, since there are sad ones and happy ones, but a majority of them are a blend of both.
Here are some things that make a sports movie truly great:
Realism is key
To have a great sports movie, realism is a necessity, or else you will be giving a false ...
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Avengers: Endgame is Set to Make Historic $1 Billion Worldwide Opening Weekend.

by MovieCreedLive on April 27, 2019


Avengers: Endgame is said to be the final Avengers film that will have all the cast together currently as we are aware of anyway.

The film was released already and of course we've seen it and it was phenomenal and combined all the movies or all the Marvel films up until one 2hr and 50-minute film, which is a feat in itself.

Endgame was also pretty high action filled and also not only pay homage to the past Marvel films but brought many surprises to fans circled around the main Avengers that feature Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hulk.

Besides the surprise of the film being a smash hit with any fan who has seen it in these last couple days, the film is set to break a new box office record.

It has been revealed that Avengers: Endgame has already pulled in $487 million at the ...

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Rami Malek Joins Bond 25 with Daniel Craig.

by MovieCreedLive on April 25, 2019

Rami Malek Joins Bond 25 with Daniel Craig

Bond 25 has been on the minds of millions upon millions of people ever since Bond's current incarnation played by Daniel Craig had starred in the previous film 'Spectre.'

Many fans thought that Daniel Craig would not return as Bond after he said 'Spectre' would be his last after his had a very painful accident while doing the film. Craig also revealed that he was done because he felt him playing Bond was basically over in his eyes.

Well Craig came back to play Bond for two more films after making a £100M+ deal. After this was revealed, Bond 25 was a go and the casting for the film had begun.

Aside from the already revealed casting that include Billy Magnussen, Ana De Armas, David Dencik, Lashana Lynch, Dali Benssalah, Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Léa Seydoux and Jeffrey Wright, a new Oscar winning actor will ...

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