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MovieCreedLive is the guide to die-hard fans of both movies, streaming and television news or movie and TV buffs. The company is The #1 Independent movie and TV news outlet and features the only genre categorized movie and TV news website.
Creation of the site:
Founded in 2013 by Eric Kirk, MovieCreedLive began as an extinction of the other website MusicCreedLive's movie and television news page. The site that was taken from MusicCreedLive and converted to its own page seeing how much potential it had for the movie and television lovers. Eric Kirk.
Reason Behind MovieCreedLive:
The site was created with the help of Eric Kirk's love for the cinematic industry that he stated "influenced him to want to share it with the world or his belief, which is where the word Creed came from. Kirk followed his love for the site like it was a religion and he believed that people needed to get this.
Kirk believed that movies and television were pivotal in people lives in some form of art and expression that everyone should be aware of.
Genre Categorization and The Independent website:
The site's modification of putting everything in an organized state and in a specific genre came from Kirk's own personal experience with trying to find things he likes and not being able to find something due to it being unorganized. The site was the only and first to adopt this genre categorized capabilities that put the news on these topics in their own respective genres. For Example action news released in the action film news section and action TV news in the action TV news section.
The meaning in Creed in MovieCreedLive:
Creed means A formal statement of religious belief; a confession of faith. A system of belief, principles, or opinions. The Creed in MovieCreedLive kind of means the same thing. The creed is added to show that we really believe in the principles behind movie and television and we follow and release those like they are a religion and we also take the release of information very seriously. We also believe that real buffs should be able to express themselves and their beliefs about the movie and TV news we release and more without being scolded.
Our Creed:
We believe that cinema buffs should be able to follow the films they like and what they believe about the genre in peace. We also believe that fans should be able to get info on the genre they like without getting bombarded by other genres they don't like and only hit with genres they do like with the others still being present just in case they become curious about others.
  • Genre categorized movie news, streaming news, and TV news ( Movie Section- Action Film, Horror Film, Sci-Fi Film, Love & Romance Film etc. TV Section- Action TV, Horror TV, Sci-Fi TV, Love & Romance TV etc.
  • Daily updated Content
  • Clean and clear content
  • Nice Colors and readable content
  • Excellent and easy to navigate website
  • Authentic Content
  • Highly Organized
  • No pop-ups, spam, and viruses
  • Parodies
  • Blog Commenting Capabilities
  • Well put together content.
The site offers an unlimited amount of unique content and a safe environment to get your daily dose of Movie & TV News in organized categories.
Demographic Benefit:
  • 99% of the people who come to the site come back and out of that 99%, 95% goes to the movies and watch TV after visiting.
  • 92% Share the site with a friend
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