New 'Star Wars Rebels' Season 3 Clip Shows Older Ezra and Amazing New Lightsaber Skills.

by MovieCreedLive on July 14, 2016


A little while ago, Star Wars Rebels season 2 made its climatic end or rap up with an unbelievable cliffhanger. One of the hangers were Ahsoka Tano fighting against her former master Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader and the fate of the young force user seeing that no one had seen what happen to her.

It was obvious that Vader survived but if she survived the Vader onslaught was in question and a question that fans would hope to be seen in season 3 of the series. We'll a new clip for 'Star Wars Rebels' season 3 was just released and even though the clip doesn't show Tano, it shows a new look at a more mature looking Ezra Bridgers and much more.

The new clip also shows that Bridgers has grown up since the events of Malachor. The video comes via The Star Wars show and from ...

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Crossover: Teen Titans GO! Crossover With The Powerpuff Girls.

by MovieCreedLive on May 27, 2016
Even though the series (in my opinion) isn't better than the original, Cartoon Network is seemingly doing a great job with the new 'Powerpuff Girls' and 'Teen Titans GO!' series. 
The true series are one of the most prominent on the entertainment broadcasting outlet company. So it comes at no surprise that the two tv series are going to be featured in a crossover or are going to crossover. Our sources close to Cartoon Network revealed this but Powerpuff Girls Executive Producer Nick Jennings & Teen Titans GO!'s Aaron Horvath confirmed this with the guys at USA Today:
"Jump City will never be the same when our little superheroes Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup meet up with the Teen Titans for the very first time. When these two worlds of superheroes collide, it will surely be something to remember."
Teen Titans GO! , Aaron Horvath: 
"It's a really fun crossover ...
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Voltron: Legendary Defender - New Trailer for Netflix Series Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on May 11, 2016
Netflix is seemingly taking everything but not anything and putting it on its platform. Eventually, the platform will rival cable itself. With that said, it was revealed that a 'Punisher' series is coming to the platform and now we have the trailer for the Dreamworks Animation TV new cartoon titled 'Voltron: Legendary Defender.' 
The trailer was debuted on Youtube and it offers an in-depth look at the new series. The trailer shows the many changes from the original anime. Among the changes, Keith (Steven Yeun), Lance (Jeremy Shada), Pidge (Bex Taylor-Klaus), Hunk (Tyler Labine), and Josh Keaton’s Shiro, who isn’t called Sven anymore, aren’t space explorers who were sent to find Voltron. Instead, they appear to be cadets who stumble onto the legend and discover the resting place of the Blue Lion before finding the remaining giant robotic Lions that combine into Voltron.

We also get a ...
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New Scooby-Doo Reboot Prompts Hanna Barbera Cartoons to Have Cinematic Universe Soon.

by MovieCreedLive on April 13, 2016
Hanna-Barbera is without any doubt one of the oldest running cartoon outlets and publishing companies out their period. The company that released cartoons for over 60 years with cartoons like 'Johnny Quest' and more. Now, it seems like the things are starting to stir over at Hanna-Barbera and the companies owner Warner Bros from what the excellent new report and update we have for you guys.
After the recent announcement that their phenomenal and ironically entertaining classic series 'Scooby-Doo' was getting a reboot titled 'S.C.O.O.B. and was releasing in 2018, it was revealed that Warner Bros now have plans on bringing the rest of Hanna-Barbera roaster in actual films.
However, even though its now been confirmed that Barbera characters and shows will be revamped and getting a cinematic universe, it is unclear if they will be actually planning on crossing films. 
Still their cartoons like Johnny ...
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First Look at Netflix Reboot of 'Voltron'

by MovieCreedLive on March 25, 2016
After teasing millions of people last month with a logo for their reboot series, Netflix has decided to release the very first image of the giant robot reboot for its series "Voltron" called "Voltron: Legendary Defender."
The images come to us via USA Today, not just before the footage to appear at WonderCOn in LA., produced by DreamWorks Animation, the initial series that will feature 13 episodes are set to premiere later this year on Netflix.
(Voltron via USA TODAY)
The series that was adapted from a couple of anime series, "Voltron" originally aired in syndication from September 1984 to November of 1985, creating a follow-up series and a seemingly endless parade of merchandise and tie-ins. An animated prequel of sorts, “Voltron Force,” aired in 2011-2012 on Nicktoons.
The full new series is set to center around five Earth teens-Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge and Shiro — who become the last line ...
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Darth Maul Declares War on the Darth Sidious & The Empire in New 'Star Wars Rebels' Clip.

by MovieCreedLive on March 25, 2016
star rebel wars
Disney's 'Star Wars Rebels' season has already revealed quite a few characters from its expanded universe. The series has introduced the likes of Darth Vader, Darth Sidious and even Anakin Skywalker's first padwane from the 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' series Ahsoka Tano.
Now, it seems that the latest episode in the series titled "Twilight of the Apprentice" will feature yet another very iconic character or a certain Sith Lord that was last seen in the 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' series. 
That Sith is believed to be none other than Darth Maul, who didn't officially reveal himself as Maul in the clip but as a mysterious figure guiding character Ezra through caverns and more. The thing that gave away that Maul may be the figure is the dialogue. 
darth maul rebels
Maul stated that the Sith took him away from his mother, killed his brother and used him as a weapon ...
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A Dragon Ball Film Following Frieza Origins Needed?

by MovieCreedLive on January 22, 2016
When you think about the 'Dragon Ball' series, you without any doubt think of Goku and his adventures throughout the series and possible other secondary characters  like Bulma, Master Roshi, Chi Chi, Oolong, Vegeta, Krillin, Piccolo Gohan and many other memorable character in creator Akira's hit anime series. However, no epic series is anything without epic villains. Which the series featured villains like the Androids, Cell, Dark Star Dragon Balls, Vegeta, Baby, Red Ribbon Army, Dr. Gero, King Piccolo, Ginu Force and many more. However, no villain is more memorable than psychotic and at the same time charming and charismatic once Galactic Tyrant Frieza.  
Frieza is the first villain in the Dragon Ball series to have both fans hate and love him at the same time. He was also the first villain to have a prescience without a presence seeing that one of the first villains of the Dragon ...
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