First Look at Rick & Daryl on Set of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5.

June 18, 2014 6 Comments
First Look at Rick and Daryl on Walking Dead Season 5 Set
A couple of awesome set photos from The Walking Dead Season 5 have been posted online featuring Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), and as you can see, there's some seriously impressive facial hair on show:
 First Look at Rick & Daryl on Set of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5.
 First Look at Rick & Daryl on Set of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5.
While Daryl has managed to keep his hirsutism down to a wispy goatee, Rick has gone for the full-blown "I'm-living-in-an-apocalypse-and-I-don't give-a-shit" look.
Time Jump?
Now, as much as I love Rick's new beard, I am wondering how it got so big, so soon. Unlike some previous seasons, Season 5 kicks off directly after the events of Season 4, so in theory, the facial fuzz won't have had anytime to grow.
But if you compare Rick's look from then to now, the difference is kinda startling:
 First Look at Rick & Daryl on Set of 'The Walking Dead' Season 5.
That's a decent explosion of facial hair and it got me wondering whether Season 5 will still see a time jump, but one that happens a couple of episodes in?
On the other hand, it takes me about 14 years to grow a tiny bit of fluff on my face, so maybe this is a totally normal growing speed. If that's the case, life really did deal me a cruel - and smooth - hand.
The Walking Dead season 5 is set to return October 2014.
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