Luke History to be Explained in 'The Last Jedi' & Lucasfilm Re-do Episode 9 After Carrie Fisher's Death.

May 5, 2017
Yesterday, all Star Wars fans allowed the fourth to be with them, to commemorate the fourth the iconic "May the Force Be With You" saying or phrase for the series. Now, that the force is still with us but the fourth is gone now, we have more news for you guys pertaining to the 7th installment in the 'Star Wars' franchise. 
It was revealed that the history or story of Luke Skywalker will be told in the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' film. The update comes directly from the director of the film Rian Johnson. Johnson decided to do an interview with EW and during the interview, Johnson stated this on the matter:
“Figuring out where his head was at was the very first thing I had to do when writing the movie. I had to crack this. And it had to be something for me that first and foremost made sense. Why did Luke Skywalker go off to this island?” Johnson says. “That was the starting point, and that’s what the entire movie explores.”
Johnson also revealed a little on Luke's integrity and question if he was actually a coward for fleeing to an island or Ach-To instead of fighting.
“I didn’t want it to,” Johnson says. “There has to be a good reason that makes sense to him — and to some degree makes sense to us.”
Luke being a coward never crossed my mind or any Jedi seen so far in the films or even in television has out right been a coward and scared to fight in my opinion. Johnson went on to reveal that another character from the original series was expected to return to the series. The member is none other than R2-D2, who was played by the late great Kenny Baker who passed last year. Johnson stated that R2 was originally supposed to be in the Force Awakens at the end and more, however, R2 will be in 'The Last Jedi':
“Yes … The big [favor] was, I asked if R2 could come with Rey, and if BB-8 could stay behind with the Resistance,” Johnson says. “Originally it was BB-8 who went with Rey, which makes sense for the story in a way. But I asked, ‘Can you do me this solid and switch the droids?’”
R2 is a classic character and seeing that he is one of the longest running droids throughout the series alongside C-3PO, I don't see a problem with keeping the two in the series forever if they want to. 
Still, not only did we lose Kenneth Baker or the original Star Wars character but we also lost Carrie Fisher who played Leia Organa Solo. Many different things have been going on pertaining to the series and how will Leia be portrayed in the future films rather it be by hologram-like what was done with Admiral Thrawn or will they cut out the character altogether. 
Whatever the case still may be, we have an update from LucasFilm's Kathleen Kennedy. It was confirmed by Kennedy that 'Star Wars Episode 9' was pretty much restarted following the death of Fisher. It seems like now the team has come up with a solid way to move forward without the character."Obviously, with Carrie having passed away, it shook everybody," Kennedy told EW. "We pretty much started over."
Whatever happens, I hope, if they do kill Leia off, they give her a proper send-off and allow her to become one with the force at least. Have it seem like she was also communing with her father, Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi. 
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to release December 17, 2017, following Star Wars Episode 9 is set to hit theaters May 24, 2019.














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