Darth Vader to Return for another New Star Wars Movie.

July 26, 2017

darth vader film

For a while now it had been hinted that Darth Vader will be returning for his own solo film or a film that covers Darth Vader backstory after the first three films and original trilogy had sort of did.

We'll this has not been confirmed, however, a new update just may put this rumor to the forefront of reality or other.

It has been revealed that Spencer Wilding, who took up the role of Darth Vader from David Prowse for 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story', will be coming back for another outing in the galaxy far far away or more specifically he is currently filming as Vader right now. The news comes from the website for Fandomfest in Louisville, Ky. The convention is running this coming weekend at Spencer Wilding was scheduled to appear. However, the website now lists him under cancellations. The site also revealed the reason for the cancellation.

The site stated that the cancellation stated that he is filming the newest film in the Star Wars Universe. We'll the only current film in the Star Wars films that are being filmed is none of the other than the Han Solo film. Now, if Darth Vader will be part of the film is still under debate but if Wilding will be in the shoes of Vader again and is truly filming in the Han Solo film than that means we will get to see more exceptional force power and the evil presence of the menacing Sith Lord.

I'm waiting for a Solo Darth Vader film especially with all these comic books from Marvel coming out about his backstory. We may have even more or actually, we do have even more information to make an exceptional backstory of Darth Vader on.



It was recently revealed that Actor Spencer Wilding, who plays Darth Vader in Rogue One may not be joining the Han Solo film to portray Darth Vader but another Character. However, seeing how Disney is extremely secretive about a lot of things and especially when it comes to the new Star Wars series.

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