Thor: Ragnarok Review!

November 1, 2017
Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok is set to premiere just tomorrow or November 2 in the US. Seeing that MovieCreedLive has already gotten the chance to witness the latest Marvel movie or the third installment in the franchise, its time for us to review it for you. In the review, we will talk about key points in the film and more. We should note that the review may contain major spoilers from the film so beware. 
Well, Ragnarok was a thrill ride from beginning to the end. It was filled with humor that no other Marvel Cinematic Movie could match. The character's chemistry was awesome and it had a strong reminiscent to the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' with a splash of vibrant colors and more. The movie kicked off in high fashion in a low place. We see Thor tangled in more mischieve as he is captured somehow on Muspelheim and is confronted by an extremely depowered Surtur "The Ruler of Muspelheim" and the nemesis of Odin. Thor is able to escape and after fighting off Surtur and his demons with ease. The only off-putting realization of this is how exactly could such weakened beings capture Thor and he just swats them off like they were nothing while having his hammer. Thor defeats Surtur and leaves in a similar fashion he did in the first film, which was fought off the inhabitants of the realm and flees while being chased by the Ruler of the Realms personal hound. 
We are introduced to Karl Urban's Skurge whose character's importance in the film was unannounced or worth in the film. Skurge is now over the Bifrost and Heimdall is considered a traitor. Thor goes to witness Odin constructing a spectacle and acting odd or unlike his usual stern, weary and powerful self. After questioning Odin, Thor finds out that this Thor is Loki in disguised and Loki reveals himself as an imposter. However, its puzzling that the banishment of Heimdall and how Odin was acting mischievously didn't give his identity away.
The film moves from Asgard to Earth where DR. Strange makes an appearance and later they find a dying Odin, which ended with Anthony Hopkins giving an unsurprisingly exceptional performance. He reveals that Hela played by Cate Blanchett is Thor's sister and one of the most powerful beings in the universe. However, the film leaves out how exactly she came into existence. Hela makes an appearance and taunts both Loki and Thor and destroys Thor's iconic Mjolnir and the two flee but are bested by the following Hela on the Bifrost bridge. Hela enters Asgard and brings it to its knees or the soldiers who tried to fight. The film jumps to Sakaar where Thor is captured by Valkyrie and then Thor gets a shave after meeting the Grandmaster played by Jeff Goldblum. 
Thor fights Hulk than wins but its extremely odd that Hulk actually speaks and form words, a feat that he didn't completely achieve in the previous films. The only time he did it was when he called Loki a "Punnie God." It would have been less confusing if this was explained at the very least. The film jumps to Thor and a team comprised of Loki, himself, Valkyrie and the Hulk and escape the Grandmaster. Heimdall leads a force of Asgardians away from Hela who took over Asgard and Thor and the team without Loki arrives and do battle with Hela and her revived army of former soldiers and hound. From this time forward, a huge fight scene commences between Asgard last forces and people with Heimdall and Thor and the team.
The fight scenes are spectacular and go toward Thor and Hela doing battle with Thor losing the battle and being scared of his father. Thor than fights Hela one more time after he harnesses his God Of Thunder power and unleash havoc onto the undead army and does battle with Hela alongside Loki and Valkyrie who returned with backup after trying to betray Thor. Hela beats everyone and Thor shows his true power and does battle with Hela for the last time. However, Loki revives the once dead Surtur to his full power and Surtur and Hela do battle which results in Hela being overwhelmed by Surtur who completely obliterates Asgard and possibly Hela. 
Thor and the surviving Asgardians along with Heimdall, Valkyrie, Hulk, and Loki watch as Thor sits on the new Throne of Asgard which is on a ship that leaves the destroyed Asgard. Thor is now King Thor and even has the iconic missing eye as his father. Then the film ends with a promise of even more adventure that will run into the Infinity Wars saga.
Ragnarok was full of great laughs and a few plot holes, however, I give it a rating of 8/10 and deems it a must see. 
What do you think? Feel Free to come back and comment after you've seen the film. Also, feel free to MovieCreedLive via social networks. 
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