Black Panther Movie Breaks Movie-Ticket Record.

January 10, 2018

Ryan Coogler's 'Black Panther' movie was already stated to possibly be the top selling and highest grossing film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After this was revealed to the public many fans asked why wouldn’t the film be? They argued that Black Panther is one of the greatest but unknown characters in the Marvel Universe if you're speaking of none comic book lovers.

They also revealed that he is stronger than Captain America and many others. Fans also revealed that he is the wealthiest character also or comic book character in both DC, Marvel, and all other comic book based universe.

Still, the fans speak of all movies seeing that they are the ones who go buy the films in the first place. But all things considered not even fans know how successful the film will be until it hit. However, we've got an update that the film has already broken records and it’s not due to be released until next month.

Fandango has announced that the Black Panther film has broken pre-sale records for buying tickets or ticket purchases. Fandango revealed that in 24 hours or since the tickets became available on Fandango, Black Panther has pre-sold more tickets than any film in Marvel Studios history. Ryan Coogler's wildly anticipated solo adventure tops the previous record-holder, Captain America: Civil War, which benefitted from being a semi-Avengers adventure, and marking the debut of Spider-Man (Tom Holland) into the MCU.

Black Panther has many things going on and that is set to be embraced by fans. The cast includes Chadwick Boseman in the role of T’challa, the king of the secret African nation of Wakanda. The fans even were excited about the film featuring a 90% black cast just to see how thing turns out. Fans are also excited to see how advanced the African nation of Wakanda is and how its rare material known as Vibranium really works and possibly see the whole mound the country sits on.

In efforts to explain the reason for Black Panther breaking the Marvel pre-sale ticket record, Fandango Editor Erik Davis said in a press release:

It's one of the biggest and most anticipated movies to ever open in the month of February, and its trailers have electrified the internet. Tickets have been going fast ever since pre-sales started on Fandango late Monday.

Additionally, many African Americans have expressed just how excited they are to see a black hero on the screen in an African country that isn't shown as the third world like but the wealthiest and most technologically advanced on the planet.

Still, the series is also being ramped up by magnificent trailers that support and expand on many themes of the film.

The film without any doubt in my mind break box office records also.

Black Panther is set to hit theaters February 16, 2018.

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