Extremely Rare 'Yu-Gi-Oh' Cards are selling for Half a Million Dollars.

January 17, 2018


You remember Yu-Gi-Oh. The show that use to come on Saturdays on the WB. The show that circled around a Japanese teen named Yu-Gi Moto who fought to be the greatest duelist in the world or person who play cards of monsters who are actually alive in the cards.

We'll even though the show was phenomenal and span for over a long period and inspired me even to play the game with friends and watch the show, it sort of came to an end a while ago. The show that featured the card game did release cards of the same ones that were being featured in the show. The cards were brought by many but later collected by some and a lot of the original cards have come to be extremely rare and now sought after.

Just like every item has its worth, so does the cards. It has been revealed that some of these cards can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and possibly millions in the future.

One Ultra-Rare card that is located in a Japanese shop named Akihabara cost at least ¥45,000,000. The card I speak of is called the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The card is a part of the iconic monster that character Seto Kaiba frequently used in the anime or the combined force of his famed dragons known as 'The Blue Eyes White Dragon.'




The info was released by the guys at ComicBook.com and came via Twitter user Saku06 who snapped the photos. ¥45,000,000 Yen in American money or the American dollar is about $400K. Many may ask why the card is actually so valuable even though it is Ultra-Rare. We'll there is an answer of course and it was revealed that this particular card was a prize given to the winner of the Asian Yu-Gi-Oh Championship, and it comes in a commemorative case. The card also comes with a signboard that includes creator of the series Kazuki Takahashi’s autograph.

Saku06 revealed that the previous owner of the card tried to sell it as a joke for 99.9B Yen, which is roughly $900M in USD, but there were no one who would purchase it. Though, strangely enough, the shop is trying to sell the card for a more reasonable price. Many fans think that no one will bite but I think there would be someone who buys the card.

The series was extremely loved in the past and the card is ultra-rare and beautiful. It also is of one of the most powerful cards or monsters in the Yu-Gi-Oh Universe.

What do you think? Do you think the card is worth the money asked? Let MovieCreedLive know by dropping a comment.

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