Cars Influence in Cinema and Media.

April 5, 2018
fast and furious
Ever since the creation of the autonomous vehicles that would later be known as cars, the influence and marvel of it has been shown in every form of cinema rather its movies, television shows, animation and more.

Cars and the marvel of them had turned a simple movie into an extravagant feature or turned a very simple cartoon into an unbelievable showing. Throughout the years, the different cinema or media features revealed just how much they were inspired by the machine to the point they even made their own visualizations of the contraption. Media marvels and television series or even the cartoon like The Jetsons and The Flintstones showed how much cars or the vehicles had influenced them.

For example, cars were not invented during the time of the cave men but the shows or cartoon main protagonist Fred Flintstone was depicted using his automobile when he use to embark on far travels. However, Flintstone and the other characters use to power their cars in a different way. The characters use to use their feet and legs to catapult their way into acceleration, allowing for both a hilarious means to move the car and also to inspiration the imagination on how the car may have worked if it was invented during those times.

In The Jetsons, the series took on a more futuristic showing of the car. It should the world of tomorrow and how cars would look if they would start to fly and more, which was openly shown in the television series. This showing inspired real world inventors to think about taking the cars or the autonomous vehicles form off the grown or on four wheels to actually hoovering around and getting from place to place. These two cartoon also showed just how the invention of the car had inspired the creators to take the car to another place or use its greatness inside their stories.

In movies, Cars have been best depicted by movies like Universal's 'Fast and The Furious' series. The whole series that is comprised of multiple movies of cars, mayhem, racing, family and carnage openly shows the predominate love of cars that many people have. The series basically circles around underground racing and the underground racing scene. The series is the ultimate showing of the love of cars in the media. I myself call the series the personification of the high octane love for cars.

Other series also show the influence of cars within cinema. Series like the animated cartoon named after the autonomous machine, Pixar's 'Cars' and even classic series like James Bond, Mad Maxx, Gone in 60 Seconds, Knight Rider and more.

Cars have been an extreme influence in pop culture and more throughout the year and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. I can almost bet that cars are here to stay and more. However, just like cars inspired pop culture, they are in our everyday lives and taking care of these vehicles are a must. If you looking for parts for your cars visit

Also, for more information on cars there are many sources but you could visit places like this Wikipedia page and more.

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