Terminator Reboot Gets its Terminator.

April 14, 2018
gabriel luna terminator
The new Terminator reboot that will be by Tim Miller is continuing to gain steam in its casting department. The latest auditions for the upcoming sci-fi/action movie is an extreme one. The guys over at THR or The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that star Gabriel Luna, who portrayed Ghost Rider in Marvel tv show series, will be playing the new Terminator. 
THR also revealed that he will be staring alongside Colombian actress Natalia Reyes. As we know who Luna will be playing, Reyes will be portraying an “a young woman from a working-class neighborhood in Mexico City who finds herself in the battle between humans and machines.” 
With the newcomers, the new film will feature originals like Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who are the two who actually kicked off the fantastic series. This will be the first time the two has reunited since 1991's hit sequel to the first Terminator movie 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day.' It should be noted that sources say that their role will be relatively brief. 
The film will be helmed by Skydance production and will call in Terminator producer James Cameron. 
The Terminator is scheduled to release November 22, 2019. 
Reporting: Janice Muller
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