Daniel Craig Paid $25M to Play James Bond Again.

May 10, 2018
Daniel Craig already revealed that he will be returning as the suave MI6 man with a silence to kill James Bond in yet another film. 
However, it has been revealed that Craig will be getting  $25 million to play Bond again. Many are extremely excited that Craig will be playing Bond after he revealed that he would rather break a glass and slash his wrist with it before playing the character again. 
This is what he told Time Out magazine in their 2015 interview with the man with the plan. He also said that all he does is actually want to move on. Craig then revealed that he didn't mean it for good but for at least two years and if he did it would be for the money mostly. 
Back in 2012, Craig was paid $17 million to play in Skyfall, which made him the highest-paid Bond actor ever and the film the first Bond movie to break the one billion dollar mark. 
Craig's pay raise for this upcoming Bond 25 film has made him the highest-paid actor in Hollywood or at least one of them. Craig's pay is now over Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel who Johnson is rumored to be paid $22 million for his upcoming film Red Notice and Diesel was paid $20 million for 'The Fate of the Furious' just last year. 
Bond 25 is set to be Craig's fifth film in the Bond series.
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Reporting: Eric Kirk 
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