Creed 2: First Look for Film Revealed.

June 20, 2018
When Sylvester Stallone brought the spinoff film to his famed Rocky series name 'Creed' to the big screen a few years ago, fans went wild and even critics. The film brought us actor Michael B. Jordan who plays Adonis Creed aka the son of Appolo Creed. 
In my opinion, it was the best film in the series that was created by Sylvester Stalone or at least on par with Rocky 4. The film was so good that a second film was approved and had been in production for a little while now. 
Now, the first official look and return of Michael B. Jordan as Adonis. We also see Sly return as Rocky and Adonis' new family and we see Adonis being questioned if he can actually win against his new opponent aka the son of the man who killed his father. 

In all reality, this film just may be better than the first. Kendrick Lamar's DNA being played in the background doesn't do the trailer or sneak peek even worse. Adonis this time will have a challenge on his hands in full Rocky-like fashion. I did question the authenticity of this film after it was revealed that director of the first Creed Ryan Coogler would not be helming the film this time. 

However, after looking at the trailer all my doubts are set aside. 
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Reporting: Janice Muller
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