The Predator: New Trailer Reveals The Hunt & The Hunters are Evolving.

June 26, 2018
The Yautja aka the Predators have been around for millennia, however, the first time we saw them was when the first film hit the big screen in the 1980s and when Arnold Scharwazenneger took on one of their hunters in Central America. 
Ever since that day, the Predators or Yautja have been on the radar of the world's governments and even its citizens who were lucky enough to escape the Predator's hunt. Many people have had extremely close encounters with the humanoid aliens and many have even had direct contact with more than one of them at a time on at least two-three documented occasions.  
Now, the Predators have returned back to Earth and exploited this time around will be shown by Shane Black. Fox will be joining Black in his endeavor. With this endeavor came a trailer. The first trailer showed the Yautja in the same light but with a twist. The twist revealed that the Yautja looks different and become more proficient killers and hunters.
The new trailer shows the Predator indefinite and shows the Predator better than it has ever been shown before. We see the Predator working with human beings and more. We also see a finally captured Predator alive by human beings and even a predator showing its true strength. 


At first, I wasn't in total agreement of the first trailer that was revealed just a few weeks ago or the first Predator trailer. I didn't like the premise of the reason the Predators look the way they do is because they inject themselves with the DNA of their kill and this being the reason why they collect the spines of their victims. 
The truth is, I still don't like that reason and prefer the reason why the spine collecting was done is for the Predator to have a trophy like a real hunter. However, after watching this trailer, that huge fact may be overshadowed by the theatrics and more than the film actually offers.
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Reporting: Max Oda
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