Disney to Fire Kathleen Kennedy for JJ Abrams.

June 28, 2018

Disney has many things to cheer about lately. The company has been approved to purchase most of 21st Century Fox by the US Government. This meant that Disney catalog and the number of properties it has will grow without any doubt. 
However, as there are many great things for Disney to cheer about there was a recent let down when pertaining to one of its brought properties or a film from one of its recent properties. Disney has been upset after the Star War's Han Solo film flopped.
The film has also become the worse rated Star Wars movie in history. Many people equate this to fans boycotting the film and they may actually be correct. Well, Disney has heard the call of fans and Express.Co.Uk has revealed that Disney is looking to fire Kathleen Kennedy as President of Lucasfilm and hiring another in her place. 
The website reveals that Disney President Bob Iger wants Kathleen Kennedy out and called an emergency studio head crisis meeting" while Kennedy's producer husband supported a post accusing Iger of setting up his wife.
"The current state of Star Wars is that Kathleen Kennedy has a target on her but everyone is too scared to take the shot.”
Its also revealed that the site Beyond the Trailer had leaked some inner confusion. The presenter of the website Grace Randolph stated that  Disney boss Iger called an emergency meeting with all the heads of Disney, Pixar and Marvel together with the Lucasfilm Star Wars "top brass" to discuss the current situation.
Randolph added: "The word is that he wants Kathleen Kennedy out."
Randolph went further and revealed when pertaining to Kennedy's job: "Nobody will take her (Kennedy's) job. Several have been approached, but turned it down, including JJ Abrams, who turned it down flat and didn't even hesitate."
Kennedy's husband, Frank Marshall, even got angry and tweeted: "Your wife is getting an unfair shake by Star Wars fans. True fans know that Bob Iger is protecting his own very bad decisions by allowing her to take the heat for it. Let her know, for morale."
The truth is, Iger, put Kennedy in charge to take care of the Star Wars end of things and expected Kennedy to take the series and make it great for fans. However, Iger may have made the mistake of not paying close attention to the Star Wars franchise and what was being done under Kennedy's care. 
Still, Iger running Disney as a whole is the main thing that had his focus. 
If anyone I would love to see is the President if Kennedy decides to leave is George Lucas or Dave Filoni.
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Reporting: Kenshi Yogoka 
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