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August 13, 2018
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Disney is currently on the journey to correct mistakes they had done with the Galaxy Far Far Away or Lucasfilm's Star Wars series. Fans have been very displeased with how Disney had been handling one of the greatest series of all time. 
Well everyone know that its the fans and consumers are the people who keep companies going when it comes to finances and they also keep franchises either floating and in most cases sailing at high speed through the open water we call business. Fans have asked for Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy to be removed from the position and it is given either back to creator George Lucas or allow Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni to take over. There hasn't been a response yet when it comes to if Kennedy will be replaced or Disney will continue with Kennedy as the head of Lucasfilm. 
Regardless of any facts, fans want the Star Wars series to continue and they are aggressively trying to get many characters, events, and arcs from Legends material, material that has become un-canon after Disney brought Lucasfilm, into canon. Fans already stated how they want the full Old Republic arc reinstated or brought back and made into movies. They already mentioned how they want Darth Revan and many other Sith and Jedi from the past back. Personally, I can't blame fans for wanting a lot from legends brought into canon. Canon's material is unbelievably exceptional and more.
However, I think Lucasfilm should do something a little different with their film or media projects or at least one thing. I think Lucasfilm should create a Star Wars Zombie movie. I think they should make A Star Wars Story about Zombies. The movie would feature or should feature Jedi and it can even feature Darth Vader tearing Zombies apart of going berserk on those Zombies. This wouldn't be too farfetched seeing that Zombies have already been featured in the Star Wars Universe. The Dathomir Night Sisters used magic to bring Zombies to life to nearly annihilate General Grievous and the Separatist Armada that went to the planet. Still, these Zombies aren't like the mainstream conventional Zombies of today. 
The zombies that are decaying flesh, walking and feeding on beings and more. These particular Zombies were featured in the Star Wars Universe and occurred during the era of the Galactic Empire and is revealed to even be canon. During the Galactic Empire era, there was a project called Project Blackwing and it referred to the Galactic Empire's Advanced Weapons Research project that oversaw development of the Blackwing virus, also known as the Sickness, an infectious viral agent which was accidentally created while working on an experiment to revive necrotic tissue in a secret research facility located on Dandoran. The virus leaked out and started to kill its host and turned them into lifeless cannibalistic and brutal zombies. 
Emperor Palpatine heard about the outbreak and decided to capitalize on the rumors of the top-secret project and ultimately started to name the death troopers (seen in Rogue One) of the Imperial Intelligence after the undead Troopers of the Project. 
A story like this would be exceptional for a Star Wars film. Just imagine Jedi using the force on hordes of Zombies and even a few Jedi being taken. Imagine Vader unleashing the dark side upon the horde. Imagine a Star Destroyer carrying the substance falls onto a small planet moon that is heavily inhabited and the rebellion gets caught on the moon and has to fight Zombified flora(flowers) and Fauna (animals). Imagine Vader being sent to inspect the crash to see if it was a Rebel attack and suddenly he has to also fight for his life. The story would, of course, have to take place before Rogue One seeing the Death Troopers made an active appearance in the film.
This would be a wonderful movie indeed still. The movie would switch up the narrative of the Star Wars Universe for one film at least and bring two things fans would like. These two things are the Zombies and Star Wars. 
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Reporting: Kenshi Yogoka 
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