How The Jeepers Creepers Series Can Be Saved.

August 15, 2018
How The Jeepers Creepers Series Can Be Saved
The Jeepers Creepers series was one of the most promising horror/supernatural series of all time. The film series that followed an immortal creature named the Creeper who hunts and feed on men, women, and children every 23rd Spring for 23 years, spawned two official films with the last horrible film that may have seemingly finished the series off.
Fans scoffed at the last movie seeing it was arguably extremely horrible not only in their opinion but almost everyone's opinion. The film was low budget and story didn't make sense in every sense of the word. The third film paling in comparison to the rest and low budget showing came from the realization that series creator Victor Salva was quote on quote a pedophile. It was revealed that Victor Salva,59, was convicted in 1988 of the sexual molestation of Nathan Forrest, the 12-year-old actor, and star of his film “Clownhouse.” Salva videotaped the sexual act and was also convicted of possessing commercial videotapes and magazines containing child pornography.
Fans found out that Salva served 15 months of his three year sentence years after the first and second Jeepers Creepers films and studios started to move away from Salva and his issue. A lot of fans started to also boycott the last Jeepers Creepers film saying that no one should support the film if he is being paid for it. Other fans stated that Salva served his time and reportedly never did an act like that again. 
Still, as a fan of the Jeeper Creeper series, but not a fan of Victor Salva's acts, I believe there is a way to save the series that fans began to love. I think the best way to save the iconic series from complete doom is for Victor Salva to sell all the rights of the series to other companies or even studios. In the last year, and the half and after President Donald Trump gave the big tax break to companies, many companies have started to buy either rival or other big corporations in order to expand and diversify. Even though this is a trend that Disney has started in recent years with its acquisition of big companies like Marvel and Lucasfilm, the break made other companies want to start acquiring other companies or better give them more capital to do so. 
With the tax break and the buying or purchasing power of these companies still exceedingly high and the Jeepers Creepers series still being an exceptional hit, Salva could sell the series to any company he wishes. As it stands, Salva has nothing to lose, fans or studios will not back him because of his past deeds and him making a whole lot of money. As stated, the Creeper or Jeeper Creeper series has an extremely huge fan base and any studio that buys the series will without any doubt get their money back and more.  Selling the series will save the series because it in Salva's hands will cause it to completely disappear. 
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Reporting: Janice Muller
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