Bad Boys 3 Might Begin Production Early 2019.

October 2, 2018
The Bad Boys are back for a third film or at least they were for the past few years with rumors that actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return as Miami PD Detective Marcus Barnett and Mike Lawroy. 
Last year it was revealed that the fourth film that is supposed to be titled 'Bad Boys for Life' was gearing up for production. Later last year it was announced that the film had run into a few problems and production will inevitably be pushed back. 
Now we may finally be getting a film or at least production is moving forward, which spells the final product will be coming soon after or sometime after. 
It has been revealed that progress on the third entry into the 'Bad Boys' film universe is moving forward. After 15 years of wait, 'Bad Boys for Life' will be moving forward and may start filming in early 2019. Fans may be skeptical, like we all are at this point, seeing that the film had been supposedly on the way since 2009. However, any news about the film progress means that the big wigs are still thinking about brining it to the fans. 
Fans have to remember that Sony revealed the logo for 'Bad Boys 3' at CinemaCon back in 2016. I doubt Sony would go to great lengths to give such a revealing unless they were pretty serious about the film. Also, there has been artwork released for the same film or concept art. 
Variety also reported that the scipt has been approved by Sony. However, Sony has yet to confirm the release date. The film itself may be released in early 2020 if the filming does commence in 2019. 
Will Smith is on to reprice his role. Martin Lawrence, on the other hand, has not signed on yet but he initiated that the two should do a third film quiet a few years ago. Martin even though his involvement is not confirmed is an important piece to the duo. I mean they call themselves Bad Boys for Life and there is no Bad Boys without Smith or Lawrence even if there is a reboot not many may watch it. 
The Bad Boys series kicked off in 1995 and was an extreme hit and a cult favorite amongst fans. The sequel came in 2003 and it didn't disappoint either. The two films have made a total of $414M world wide in unadjusted and fans are still waiting and have been waiting for a third film since, well, 15 years ago. If you build it fans will come without a doubt and fans are eager to come to see their favorite films. 
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'Bad Boys for Life' is projected to start production 2019 and release 2020. 
Reporting: Max Oda
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