Aquaman: Second Trailer Shows Arthur Going On Journey to Find the Trident.

October 5, 2018
The king of the seas has returned.
The first trailer for DC's or Detective Comics character or trailer for the solo Aquaman movie shows Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and a glimpse of the journey he will take before he becomes the King of Atlantis and king of the seas. 
Well before the first trailer, many fans were extremely skeptical about a solo movie about Aquaman. This whole skeptical thought process for most fans of DC came from the quote on quote "horrible way the DC comic book characters have been handled so far. The first trailer had put those skeptical thoughts to rest for the most part and see a whole new Atlantis that was not shown before and it also gave hope to fans when pertaining to the DC Universe. 
A second trailer has been released and I believe the trailer is overkill. The second trailer is already hitting an already extremely excited DC Comics fan base that has already stated they will be watching the Aquaman movie. The second trailer that was released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows an even more extremely action-packed adventure.
This new incredible trailer touches on a fight between him and his fellow Atlantian Black Manta and it is incredible. The 5-minute trailer also shows Arthur with his future wife Mera actually showing him the ropes on how to control his power even more. It also shows possibly why Mera even came to retrieve Arthur or the reason behind her actually coming around and getting Arthur and one of those reasons is getting the infamous trident. 
This is the same magical Trident that will allow Aquaman to control the seven seas or most of them anyway and be the rightful King of Atlantis.

I can say that all skepticism is more than likely gone when pertaining to the Aquaman movie. It's pretty ironic that the least loved character and damaged character in the DC universe may be its last hope. Superman was its first and Aquaman is its last, yes the guy who talks to fish is the last hope for the currently chaotic DC Cinematic Universe. 
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Aquaman is set to hit theaters December 21.
Reporting: Janice Muller
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