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November 2, 2018


As you may know, if you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the simple reason that the Fantastic Four haven’t appeared in the MCU is that Disney hasn’t owned the film rights. It may be that they wouldn’t have been an ideal fit anyway, and we’ve seen clearly that it’s hard to bring them to life on the big screen in a satisfying manner. But to this point we’ve only seen it tried by 20th Century Fox, ultimately leading to multiple flops, at least relative to what we consider success in the superhero genre.

Soon though, Disney will have those rights. The Disney-Fox megadeal that will bring Fox’s entertainment wings under Disney’s control might close by the end of 2018, which would mean Disney could move forward with numerous efforts to incorporate new properties. Many will be wondering if that means blending the Fantastic Four and the X-Men with the MCU, and we’re focusing on some of the questions regarding the first superhero team here. So, let’s get to it!

Is There An Existing Plan For The Fantastic Four In The MCU?

This is an open question, and clearly, one that would get to the core of this issue if it were ever answered. As it happens, there is an interesting theory as to how the Fantastic Four could be injected in one fell swoop into the MCU, as soon as the untitled Avengers 4 project. The theory essentially states that Reed Richards and Susan Storm would be scientists studying Thanos’s death-snap from Infinity War, and ultimately journeying into a kind of alternate dimension (“Negative Zone”) to find the probably-not-actually-dead heroes who vanished in the last film. Along with pilot Ben Grimm and stowaway Johnny Storm, they’d then be zapped by a fresh Thanos snap and sent back to regular reality - now with powers. It’s a long
shot, and would require quite a bit of focus in Avengers 4, but it would be a very efficient way to insert the characters.

Could They Simply Be Added?

This is a question of whether the Fantastic Four could just be added on in the near future even if there isn’t an existing plan in place. And this seems to be the likelier scenario. While the above theory is interesting, it would have required a decent amount of foresight from Marvel’s creators given that the Disney-Fox deal isn’t even completely finalized yet. More likely is that somewhere down the line, Marvel will try its own version of a Fantastic Four origin film, much as it did with its shiny new Spider-Man. And given that Marvel exec Kevin Feige has said already that about 20 films are in his future lineup, it seems like this could easily be one of them.

Will Fantastic Four Games Be Introduced?

This is a sort of side question, but one worth asking for three reasons. One is that Marvel is in the midst of a renewed push for good games, and a Fantastic Four console titles could help to rev up excitement if and when the characters are inserted into the MCU. Another is that Marvel pulled its games from casinos all across the internet. Casino sites now have more gaming variety than you’ll ever find on the floor of a real casino, and this used to include Marvel-inspired titles. It still does include some Fox-related superheroes, however, as you can find X-Men slot games, so perhaps the Fantastic Four would be allowed to thrive here. And the third reason this is a question worth asking is that Marvel’s mobile gaming empire is thriving. Most of the games involve huge collections of characters, so in games like Contest Of Champions and Future Fight, it would actually be very easy to plug these new character s in.

Who Could Play The Roles?

Clearly, just about anyone who isn’t already involved in the MCU could play the roles. Sometimes it seems like 90 percent of Hollywood will eventually be involved in the MCU. Anything further here is just raw speculation, but to get you thinking, we’ll put for a few ideas: John Krasinski for Mr. Fantastic, Aaron Paul and AnnaSophia Robb for the sibling's Storm, and, as has been suggested around the internet, Craig Robinson as The Thing.

When Might We See New Film Content?

Clearly, we have no idea. As stated there are at least 20 films scheduled, and a new Fantastic Four could be just about any one of them. We know it won’t happen in 2019 or 2020 or we’d almost certainly have heard about it by now. And if Avengers 4 is to signal a sort of reboot of the MCU, as many seem to expect, it may be a few years before something brand new is tried. Going by the current MCU timeline, Thor followed Iron Man by three years, and Guardians Of The Galaxy was another three years after that. Perhaps we should expect Fantastic Four to come about somewhere in between those time lengths following the beginning of a new era in Avengers 4. That would basically mean 2022-2025 - but again, we really have no idea.

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