Simpsons Episode Featuring Michael Jackson Pulled.

March 9, 2019


The Simpsons is said to be the longest running show in history. The show also was said to feature the most guest stars of any animated show that has ever been released.

However, it has been revealed that the show is deciding or to straighter forward, has decided to pull a certain episode that featured a certain "King of Pop" from circulation. It has been confirmed that the classic season 3 episode titled "Stark Raving Dad" is being pulled or yanked from circulation. This is because the show featured the voice of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson.


This decision was made after the controversy of HBO's "Leaving Neverland" docu-series covered people accusing Michael Jackson of child molestation from the 1990s when accusations first rose up until his death in 2009. Despite the two people that are in the docu-series swearing under oath that Jackson later didn't molest them and that their parents put them up to it, the two have rehashed their statements saying that Jackson did do it. Jackson years before his death stated in a live talk that he became the face of hate and all these accusations arose after he brought the catalog of the famous group the Beetles and did many other things to secure his wealth.

Jackson also stated that the people he speak of in the conspiracy doesn't want a black man to have anything let alone the power he has and that it’s all about wealth and money and more. He also said that the so called powers to be want to destroy every black man's legacy and leave other legacy intact by any means.

Whatever the case may be, Jackson was never found guilty of crimes against children. Many say that, however, not all are judge equally under the law in America and when many say that they are pointing toward African-Americans or blacks and deeply at black men.

Oprah Winfrey has been receiving backlash by many people who supported her in the past or many fans for doing the interview and outright quote on quote by fans "taking the victim’s side and trying to victimize Jackson."

The decision to pull the Simpsons episode was made by executive producer James L. Brooks, creator Matt Groening, and Showrunner Al Jean. The plan is said to take the show completely out of existence everywhere which includes TV re-runs, streaming services, future Blu-Ray and DVD Box sets and anywhere.

Radio stations were the first to say they would pull Jackson's music and more. They said they will no longer want to celebrate or promote content featuring Jackson if he's in fact guilty of the crimes. However, many fans around the world have stated that they will continue to play Michael Jackson music one way or another and the radio stations just won’t get their listens.

This whole thing is truly puzzling.

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Reporting: Janice Muller

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