John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Reveals Excommunicado is in Effect.

March 23, 2019

John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum Reveals Excommunicato is in Effect.

The John Wick series that follows actor Keanu Reeves as the master assassin John Wick is said to be the film that brought the famed actor back to the big screen. This is said after his departure from his famed role as Neo or 'The One' from the Wachowski Brother's famed Matrix series that featured him as the protagonist or the main focus.

The series followed Keanu as Wick who in the first film wreaked havoc on the Russian Mafia in retaliation of one of the mob bosses of the syndicate attacking him in his home, stealing his favorite car and lastly killing his dog who was gifted to him by his wife who just recently passed from cancer. This mission was proven to be a bloody success in every meaning of the word and retribution was carried out.

John returned in a second outing to continue his mayhem and get his car back, which he did. However, another problem arises when John was confronted by another mob boss of Italian origin whom helped John complete his impossible task. The boss beseeched John to finish his part and John refused resulted in another adventure after John was attacked by him after refusing than after agreeing and carrying out the Job. This resulted in Wick going on a vengeful spree and subsequently killing the High Table Camorra section boss on Continental grounds, which John was excommunicated from the Continental and a bounty put on his head by the High Table in exchange for John's life.

Now, this brings us to the third film. The film that has John reportedly trying to either survive and seek peace through forgiveness and being pardoned by the High Table or engaging in an all-out war against them and other assassins. A new trailer for the third film or 'John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum' has been revealed and the trailer shows John's excommunicado status and also the High Table and possibly or more than likely other assassin's mission to collect the bounty on his head. The trailer also reveals that Wick just may have some help from old allies of the first and second film. The fold he uses to belong to and a former friend and mentor from another movie and a new assassin who declared herself more than even after helping him.

What do you think? This film may be better than the last films seeing that the story has taken Wick from just one setting into other territories across the world. Wick also has a new beautiful enemy who is possibly the leader of the High Table. He has his hand's full this time around. John Wick must fight his way out of New York when a $14 million contract on his life makes him the target of the world's top assassins. I like these odds better than I think John would. He is the one having to fight his way out while we watch.

We will see when John Wick 3: Parabellum hits the big screen May 17, 2019.

Reporting: Janice Muller

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