'Avengers: End Game' Official Trailer Shows the Avengers Going Back to Thanos.

April 3, 2019


Vengeance is upon the Avengers! The Avengers are coming back with the vengeance in the End Game or their next film.  Now whether they will be able to deliver is still up for debate. However, something has to happen after Thanos or the man who the Avengers want to get vengeance on destroyed or annihilated half the universe with his last move in the previous film or Infinity War when he destroyed half the universe by unleashing all the Infinity Stones together with a snap.

They almost stopped Thanos in the last movie or Thor almost did with a surprise attack from his new hammer called Storm breaker. However, Thor failed to aim for the head as Thanos said more or less. Well, they will get their chance to rectify their mistakes in End Game but this time the true Avengers will be altogether getting the job done with a few new powerful members of the team like Ant-Man, Nebula and Captain Marvel.

Judging by the new trailer, they still will be in for the fight of their life. The new official trailer for 'Avengers: End Game' had been revealed. The trailer revealed that the Avengers are extremely thinking about going in and fighting Thanos and exactly how will they pull off beating the Mad Titan. The leaders of the Avengers or Captain America and Tony/Iron Man saying that they must Avenge their friends and all the people who died and put things back to how they once were before.

The trailer then skips to the showing of the Avengers gearing up to carry out their promise on whatever it takes they must defeat Thanos.

However, Thanos basically taunts them and saying all their efforts simply just brought them all back to him. This is probably Thanos saying that all they did and they just came back to die by his hand, which some of the main Avengers just may. Take a look at the trailer courtesy of MovieAccessTrailers and you be the judge of it.

Did you notice something? Was it us or did it look like Thanos came out of the Bifrost. Does this mean Thor brought him to the planet or does this mean he brought himself to the planet they would be fighting on? It could be that Thanos actually used the Space stone power to appear but the last time we seen the Space Stone how it worked didn't look like the Bifrost. Just something to think about.

'Avengers: End Game' is set to hit theaters April 26, 2019.

Reporting: Iyanna Kirk

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