X-Men Writer Talks Disliking Black Panther/Storm Marriage.

by MovieCreedLive on February 1, 2018
Ryan Coogler's Black Panther is set to take over the box office throughout February and also become Marve's highest grossing superhero film thus far in their MCU. A certain writer, however, currently revealed his dislike of Black Panther aka T'challa and X-Men member Ororo Munroe aka Storm's marriage in the comic books. This dislike is shared not only by X-Men writer Chris Claremont but even myself and many others but the later will be explored later. 
Since we are talking about Claremont and why he doesn't like the marriage between the two characters lets currently focus on there. Well during an interview with the guys over at io9, Claremont stated his problem with the two's union. 
Well, the problem I have with it is, who gets top billing? Because that's the function of a king's wife is to produce little princes ...
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Extremely Rare 'Yu-Gi-Oh' Cards are selling for Half a Million Dollars.

by MovieCreedLive on January 17, 2018


You remember Yu-Gi-Oh. The show that use to come on Saturdays on the WB. The show that circled around a Japanese teen named Yu-Gi Moto who fought to be the greatest duelist in the world or person who play cards of monsters who are actually alive in the cards.

We'll even though the show was phenomenal and span for over a long period and inspired me even to play the game with friends and watch the show, it sort of came to an end a while ago. The show that featured the card game did release cards of the same ones that were being featured in the show. The cards were brought by many but later collected by some and a lot of the original cards have come to be extremely rare and now sought after.

Just like every item has its worth, so does the cards. It has ...

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John Wick TV Series in Works ~ Keanu Reeves to Reprise Role.

by MovieCreedLive on January 13, 2018
John Wick is the film series that brought the phenomenal Keanu Reeves back to the action film forefront after his apparent hiatus after the 'Matrix' trilogy.
The series that follows Keanu as John Wick, an extremely skilled assassin, has already got two films with a third reportedly in works. Still, it seems that a third Wick film is not the only thing in works from the John Wick universe. 
It has been revealed that a tv show in the Wick universe is set to happen over at STARZ. The show is to be titled 'The Continental' and revolves around the clandestine hotel that Wick and other hitmen frequent and turn to a safe harbor in the two John Wick films.
Reeves will executive produce and reprise his role of Wick in the series, although he will only appear on as opposed to star in The Continental, the Hollywood Reporter writes ...
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'Mayan MC': Official Release Date for 'Son's of Anarchy' Spin-Off Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on January 6, 2018
'Mayan MC': Official Release Date for 'Son's of Anarchy' Spin-Off Revealed
The Mayan spin-off for the critically acclaimed and highly loved show 'Sons of Anarchy' has been in development for some time now at least late 2016 all the way through 2017.
Well, it's 2018 now and news for the Kurt Sutter created Spin-Off is starting to pour out. The last news that we got about the story that will follow the Hispanic outlaw biker gang known as the Mayans revealed that FX had ordered at least 10-episodes for the spin-off so far. 
Today, an official release date for the series was revealed. FX network's very own CEO John Landgrad had announced that the series that will follow JD Pardo's character EZ Reyes is gearing up for a late summer, early fall premiere release. 
The series is set in a post-Jax Teller world, and sees  EZ Reyes, fresh out of prison, as a prospect in the Mayan MC ...
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What All Did Disney Actually Buy From 21st Century Fox?

by MovieCreedLive on December 15, 2017
Disney buys 21 century own
Disney has officially closed its deal with Rupert Murdock's 21st Century Fox and brought most of the company for a large $52.4 Billion. We'll many fans are actually unaware that Disney did not purchase the whole company but actually all of 21st Century Fox's entertainment division and other properties.
Disney actually acquired all the rights to all 21st Century Fox's film franchises like 'Alien', 'Predator', Bladerunner and more. They also acquired all of the Marvel characters that were owned by the studios that include both the X-Men and their characters, Deadpool and even the Fantastic Four, which all characters will be making their way back to the Marvel section that is also owned by Disney. 
Speaking of Disney having all Marvel's characters itself of Spider-Man back home, many fans questioned if Disney would allow R-Rated films like Deadpool to continue to be made just ...
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Amazon Studios to Produce 'The Lord of the Rings' Television Series in Multiple Seasons.

by MovieCreedLive on November 14, 2017
 amazon, the lord of the rings, tv shows, moviecreedlive, tv show news, tolkein, streaming news
Amazon is without any doubt one of the fastest growing companies in history. Its large-scale growth has seen the rise of its creator Jeff Bezos to being now the wealthiest person in the world.
In celebration of this, Bezos has decided to open up Amazon studios or its own cinema creating a studio and the retail giant has now decided to release its own 'The Lord of the Rings' television series and more. It has been revealed that Amazon has just closed a massive deal - that is said to be worth $250M to acquire global TV rights to the famed series based on the fantasy novel of J.R.R. Tolkien. 
Not only this but its been revealed that the new Amazon streaming service has given a least a multi-season commitment to a LOTR series in the pact, which also includes a few potential spinoff series. The series will be ...
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Disney In Talks to Purchase 21st Century Fox.

by MovieCreedLive on November 6, 2017
disney, 21st century fox, marvel, movie news, tv show news, Disney In Talks to Purchase 21st Century Fox, moviecreedlive
Disney is becoming quite the diverse and giant entertainment corporation even from its own standards. The company already owns things like Marvel and even the highly loved and iconic Star Wars series that was recently owned by the exceptional George Lucas. 
Now, it has been revealed that Disney plans on acquiring 21st Century Fox. It has been revealed that The Walt Disney Company is currently in talks with the movie giant, according to CNBC. 
Reports revealed that talks have been taking place for Disney to buy most of the company, not including the new things acquired by Fox and also the news and sports assets. It must be noted that there is no guarantee that this acquisition will go through. However, Disney does have an extremely great track record for acquiring huge and extremely profitable companies. 
If the deal goes through, Disney will own almost all the characters from their ...
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