Unaltered Version of Original Star Wars Trilogy May Be Released 2017.

by MovieCreedLive on February 25, 2017
Star Wars fans and fanatics rejoice!
The original series from a Galaxy Far Far away is RUMORED to be re-released to its millions of fans this year. The reason this be is to mark the 40th anniversary since the film series kicked off in 1977 with 'A New Hope.'
While fans have speculated for many years that creator of the franchise, George Lucas will finally release the first edits of the iconic 1977, 1980 and 1983 films to the public in a variety of formats, a very concrete announcement seems to be imminent.
Many industry sources have informed fan site Making Star Wars that the original edits are on their way. This update is huge but expected to see that the franchise is now back in Disney's hands and Disney is known for taking iconic films out of its vaults and putting them back in circulation. 
George Lucas had ...
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Star Wars: First Photo of Cast for Han Solo Film Revealed - Critics Say Film is Too White?

by MovieCreedLive on February 24, 2017
The official first cast photo for Disney's Han Solo solo film has been released. The picture shows the whole cast together in the Millennium Falcon.
Even though the first look to the Star Wars film series Spin-off was released and I'm for one am excited, many fans and critics have shown outrage over the casting. Gaming site Polygon and more gave their own response to the picture, which the site stated: 
“Just as Lando Calrissian was the only black man in the galaxy, so is Donald Glover the only person of color in this photograph,” they whined. “Disney should be aware of how this looks.”
Other fans of Star Wars, including other whites, took to Twitter and talked about their outrage in how the cast seems to have not that many people of color at all besides actor Donald Glover, who is playing Lando. 
It should be noted ...
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Benicio Del Toro May Play a Fett in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

by MovieCreedLive on February 22, 2017
Benicio Del Toro is without a doubt one of the most sought out actors today. The star was first connected to playing a part in Shane Black's upcoming The Predator film and the actor is even part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is also may be reprising his role in the sequel to Sicario.
Now, the actor's character in the upcoming 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' film may have been revealed. A rumor is going around that came from Youtuber Mike Zeroh. The Youtuber is allegedly a renowned Star Wars fanatic and recently posted a new video with some very legitimate evidence that Benicio Del Toro will be playing a character with a similar last name from a certain family of Bounty Hunters. Del Toro will allegedly be portraying the character Vicrum Fett, which in theory would make him the son of the legendary bounty hunter, Boba ...
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First Look at Rey, Finn & Poe in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'- Finn's Role Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on February 16, 2017
The Toy packing for the new Star Wars film has revealed the official first look at Rey, Finn, and Poe. The concept art for the packaging which are for the toys shows Rey with longer hair and a new tattoo. It shows Poe with his starfighter helmet on. However, one of the most intriguing look that came out of this revealing is none other than Finn.
The picture looks as if Finn could be a Jedi or is wearing a Jedi's robe under the jacket Poe gave him. Finn could well be the last Jedi instead of Rey or even Luke Skywalker. However, there were reports from Making Star Wars that revealed Finn's major role in the film. It was revealed that Finn's job is to disguise himself as a First Order officer, infiltrate a new super star destroyer.
 It was also revealed that Finn will encounter ...
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Keanu Reeves teases Bill + Ted 3.

by MovieCreedLive on February 14, 2017
Actor Keanu Reeves is without any doubt one of the most memorable actors of our age. The actor had starred in such movies like Matrix, Speed and his latest series John Wick, which part two of the film series has just been released.
However, the 52-year-old is gearing up for the next entry in one of his classic series. The next film  I speak of is none other than 'Bill + Ted 3.' The star who stars opposite of Alex Winter in the time traveling film series has confirmed that there will definitely be a third installment of the popular film series but admits it is currently being held up by the business side of things.
Reeves stated: "Bill & Ted 3 is right now stuck in showbusiness land so creatively we're good to go but in the business sense, the rights and all of the complications and contracts that need ...
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Anakin Skywalker to Return in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

by MovieCreedLive on February 9, 2017
Disney has revealed a lot of good things to fans pertaining to their 'Star Wars' series. We revealed just yesterday that Rosario Dawson wants to play Ahsoka Tano in a Star Wars film.
Now we come before you with even more great information about the 'Star Wars' franchise. Disney CEO Bob Iger sent fans into a huge frenzy with his new declaration that 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' will be focussing more so on the Skywalker family. 
This update, however, just doesn't mean Luke or Leia or even Leia dysfunctional son Ben aka Kylo Ren. However, it also revealed to mean family patriarch Anakin Skywalker. It was revealed that Hayden Christensen would be returning to portray Anakin Skywalker and also his force-ghost. 
The role Anakin's return will play has not been specified but it may have something to do with bringing his grandson, Ben (currently known as Kylo ...
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Shows Return of Will Turner & More High Sea Action.

by MovieCreedLive on February 6, 2017
Yesterday's Superbowl game brought many fun and enlighting outings that ended in a win for the New England Patriots.
However, the game also brought out a few new trailers, which one trailer was for the latest and extremely anticipated outing of Captain Jack Sparrow in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The trailer looks exciting, doesn't it? We see the return of Orlando Bloom as Will Truner and the Captain of the Flying Dutchman and actor Geoffrey Rush. We also see the arrival of actor Javier Bardem as the new villain Capitán Salazar. One thing that disappoints me is that we don't see Keira Knightley's return as Elizabeth Swan. This would have made the film series complete again. Still, there are still other films that open up and make room for possibilities. 
However, it would be an unexpected surprise if Elizabeth ...
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