Godzilla: King of the Monsters Final Trailer ~ Let the Battle Begin.

by MovieCreedLive on April 24, 2019


The name Godzilla has been notoriously linked to the title of King of monsters or King of Kaiju ever since the day the creature was created.

Now for the first time in many years, a compilation film that will feature Godzilla himself/herself taking on many of new monsters and other famed monsters in his upcoming film understandably titled 'Godzilla: King of Monsters.'

This monster film compilation was hinted to happen for years after Godzilla was brought back to the big screen in its 2014 re-introduction.

Finally, the film is coming to fans next month or May 31st and in celebration, WB and Legendary had decided to release the finale trailer for the King of Monsters.

The trailer depicts or shows most of the powerful monsters from the past like Mothra, Rodan, and the three-headed titan King Ghidorah. The trailer shows each creature rising from their either homes or cages ...

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Petition to Have Meryl Streep Play Leia Gains Momentum.

by MovieCreedLive on April 2, 2018



Disney has planned several more films and even a decade of the Star Wars series for years to come. Even after the loss of the late great Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in the original film Disney/LucasFilm had decided to still continue one way or another. Still, the last time Fisher appeared as Leia in the series was during the most recent 'The Last Jedi.'

Many are stomped on what is the next move for the lovely character after she wasn't killed off in the movie? We'll some stated it would be nice to CGI the actress inside the upcoming films and other said to just give her a great passing. Other fans revealed that to give Leia a great sendoff would be good. The Last Jedi novel was stated to reveal that Leia would die eventually from being sick after she was (SPOILER) blown out ...

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John Boyega's 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' takes #1 Spot; Black Panther Dethrones 'Avengers' & Becomes Highest Grossing Marvel Movie.

by MovieCreedLive on March 24, 2018
 John Boyega's 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' takes #1 Spot; Black Panther Dethrones 'Avengers' & Becomes Highest Grossing Marvel Movie.
Legendary Pictures 'Pacific Rim' movie was released yesterday and it had already pulled in a great $26M at the box office. The film that stars actor John Boyega brings back the dynamic war for supremacy with the Kaiju and the humans and their giant robots are known as the Jaeger. Many may call the $26.6M dollars it collected on its Friday opening as modest compared to the estimated $155M in net production but as I remind you that this is just the first 3 days of the film being out. The film could still do even more exceptional overseas, which is seemingly the pull for American films now and days.
Aside from PR, the movie had taken Black Panther out of the number one spot after it reigned at the position for over five weeks setting records and breaking records from of previous films like James Cameron's critically ...
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New 'Men in Black' Reboot Movie May Found Its Lead.

by MovieCreedLive on February 28, 2018
New 'Men in Black' Reebot Movie May Found Its Lead
The 'Men in Black' series was kicked off by actors Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J and Agent K. Agents who protected the Earth and cosmos from the most dangerous aliens in the Universe aka M.I.B. 
The series was a major success and spawned three films over a 15-year span and ranked in over 1.6 billion dollars in all of the films that were produced on a total $495M budget. The film had an extremely nice run and it was a film series loved by mostly all. We'll like all series, the movie series had a nice run and now a reboot is coming. 
Judging from new updates about the reboot, the series may have just found its next leading person. The guys at THR just revealed that actor Chris Hemsworth(THOR, RED DAWN) is in early talks to one of the major ...
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Official Name For Han Solo Film Official Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on October 18, 2017
han solo film star wars
The Star Wars Universe is one of the greatest masterpieces ever released and concocted. The series is now gearing up to release its seventh film in its official continuum in December with 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.' Still, The Last Jedi is still to come while we have news on another Star Wars film.
The news is about Star Wars very own Han Solo filler film or solo film. The news is that the official title for the film. The official title of the film has been revealed to be Solo: A Star Wars Story. 
The film seems to be following the former solo outing or filler film known as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from last year in December. This may mean that all the films that will be fillers or side stories may be named or be put in the category of the sub-title "A Star Wars ...
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Trailer #2 Revealed. ~ Excitement

by MovieCreedLive on October 10, 2017
star wars the last jedi trailer
Disney had been extremely secretive and kind of lowkey or quiet when it comes to their upcoming Star Wars film titled 'The Last Jedi.' Just a day before yesterday the teaser trailer for the film was revealed. During the teaser trailer, we witnessed Daisey Ridley's character Rey training vigorously with her lightsaber.
We also see a glimpse of Mark Hamill's character or the iconic Luke Skywalker's mechanical hand without the glove and even artificial skin. We also see Rey pass Luke's old lightsaber to him. We also saw possibly Kylo Ren picking up his lightsaber. But that was more so all that was revealed. But now we have the official second full trailer and it's extremely spectacular and well worth the wait from the first trailer that was released earlier this year.

Isn't its cool.I think I'm not alone when I say ...
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Star Wars: New Image Shows Dark Look of Luke Skywalker and Robe.

by MovieCreedLive on August 31, 2017
luke skywalker, star wars, the last jedi
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is gearing up to be one exceptional film even by the standards of the Star Wars Universe. In this film, we see the official return of one of the most powerful yet memorable characters in the franchise Luke Skywalker. 
Luke who is one of the many main centers of attention in the upcoming film has received a new look for the same film. The new look comes via Hungarian film magazine Cinemania Mozimania. It features Luke in black garb or garb. 
luke skywalker, the last jedi, star wars
The new dark garb is a nice look for Luke. However, his new look does beg the question if Luke will go to the dark side in this film or if he will embrace both sides of the force and unify them both. This wouldn't be the first time Luke wore black garb. Luke wore black garb when he fought his father on ...
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Did you know?

Did you know that the famous chestbuster scene in Aliens was shot in one take with only Dallas (Tom Skerritt) and John Hurt (who had to be prepped for the scene). The cast were kept from the set for 4 hours before the scene was shot. They recall walking onto the set and they were shocked to see the crew in raingear and with buckets in hand.

Cool Sci-Fi moment, don’t you agree?

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