Wonder Woman's Twin Sister Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on June 19, 2017
The DC Universe has been going through a lot of different changes recently with the New 52. However, we have a new update for you pertaining to their character Wonder Women or her respective Universe. It was revealed that Wonder Woman has a twin sister named Nubia, who is, in fact, black just like the former African Empire that stretched from Egypt all the way through Ethiopia and more. 
According to the DC lore, Nubia was created or first appeared in 1973 out of the same clay that was used to make Diana before she was changed and said to be the daughter of Zeus in the New 52. Nubia's clay was unsurprisingly black and she was formed by the goddess Aphrodite, however, from this point, her story gets a little wild. Nubia is stolen at birth by Mars, the God of War, and trained by him to become ...
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Roger Moore, James Bond star Pass at 89.

by MovieCreedLive on May 23, 2017
The world has lost another icon. Actor Roger Moore, who played one of the greatest agent and spy character in film history James Bond, has passed at the age of 89.
Moore who played James Bond for seven films, family tweeted the announcement: “It is with the heaviest of hearts, we must share the awful news that our father, Sir Roger Moore, passed away today. We are all devastated.”
Moore passed in Switzerland after a short battle with cancer. 
Moore is the reigning actor to play in the most James Bond films than his long time friend Sean Connery, and while Connery’s fans were fiercely loyal, polls showed that many others favored Moore’s lighter, more humorous take on 007.
In 1972, Moore was asked to join Her Majesty’s Secret Service. He took on the mantle of 007 for 1973’s “Live and Let Die,” which would lead ...
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Dragon Ball Super Could Be Introducing Another Fighter Like Cell?

by MovieCreedLive on May 12, 2017
I don't know if many Dragon Ball fans have been keeping up with its latest outing or incarnation named Dragon Ball Super, however, you should know one thing about the series. 
The series is set to bring in yet another new character and it is stated that the character is seemingly similar to Cell. This new character is apparently named Damon, and there is even a description of the new upcoming fighter. A user on Reddit posted the leak information here, and can Damon is described as the following,
Utilizes dodging techniques. Will vanish and then appear in the sky or from the ground. Uses a self-destruct technique. Waits for his opponent to attack, then tries to counter with that technique. Dodges by shedding his skin and leaving his empty husk behind. A cicada.* Insect warrior.
[空蝉 can mean a cicada, a cicada's empty husk, or a "person ...
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First Look at Syfy's 'Krypton' Visiting Superman's Home Planet.

by MovieCreedLive on April 18, 2017
For a while already we knew that Syfy was gearing up to do a series that follows the famed DC Comics base planet known as Krypton.
The famous planet that one of thee greatest Superman heroes of all time comes from also known as Superman. The television series that has been talked about for a couple years now has its official trailer revealed. 
The trailer shows a  young version of Superman's grandfather and his exploits before his son Jur-El and grandson Kel-El was even born of course. The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Kryptonian architecture and many other things that are kind of odd about the series that seems to be becoming a trend in Hollywood or a one-sided acceptable trend. 

It seems like SyFy is doing an exceptional job with the special effects and graphics for the series. David S. Goyer aka the writer of films ...
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Star Wars: Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley Make Star Wars Announcement.

by MovieCreedLive on April 11, 2017
The Star Wars Orlando event is just days away and the first official trailer for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is set to premiere or be one of the headliners for the event. The other headliner is set to the return of Hayden Christensen for the first time in over a decade over to the event. 
Actress Daisy Ridley and legendary actor Mark Hamil decided to release an exceptional update pertaining to the other event titled 'Star Wars: Force for Change. 
Hamill and Daisey decided to reveal to fans what they can win something from the event if they give their support. They even reveal that fans can be part or featured in the upcoming Han Solo film. They also reveal that winners can also win a trip to Skywalker Ranch where the great George Lucas created the whole series or one of the places where Lucas created his former ...
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Hayden Christensen Returns - Lucasfilm Planning Darth Vader Film with Hayden Christensen?

by MovieCreedLive on April 2, 2017
Today it was announced that Star Wars Celebration Orlando will be hosting a huge lineup for its "40 Years of Star Wars" panel, in honor of the franchise's 40th anniversary this year. 
The lineup includes Mark Hamill, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, Ian McDiarmid, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Clone Wars/Rebels producer Dave Filoni. However, it is revealed that Hayden Christensen (Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader) will be joining the lineup. However, the question is Hayden just returning to Star Wars Celebration Orlando due to the anniversary occasion or is there something in the works pertaining to Hayden and his characters Anakin/Darth Vader?
A couple of months ago, we revealed that there were rumors going around that Hayden would return in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' probably in a flashback or as a force ghost. This could be the reason for Hayden's long awaited return ...
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Admiral Thrawn Learns About Emperor Sidious From Source & Yuuzong Vong Teased into Canon.

by MovieCreedLive on March 2, 2017
Disney has made some things and some characters un-canon in the Star Wars Universe under their ownership. However, somethings are being made canon little by little it seems. USA Today has an excerpt from Thrawn by Timothy Zahn, which is set to release April 11 and still too far away from my taste. The novel reveals that Admiral Thrawn before he became the grand admiral or even a real member of the Imperial military, had a surprising source of information on SheevE Palpatine or Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.
The whole excerpt, which is from early in the book, shows Thrawn's first meeting with Palpatine where he offers to serve the Galactic Empire. Palpatine gives his word and says that “Perhaps your servant can speak to the strength of that vow.”
Thrawn goes on to say that this “servant” “always spoke highly of Chancellor Palpatine,” which is a hint that ...
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