Casey Affleck Says Ben Affleck Not Doing Matt Reeves Batman.

by MovieCreedLive on August 16, 2017
ben affleck no more as batman
It seems like Ben Affleck may not be partaking as Bruce Wayne/Batman in director Matt Reeves upcoming The Batman Trilogy. 
The news came via an interview with Ben Affleck's little brother Casey Affleck, which the star stated that his brother will basically close out his role as Batman. 
“I thought he was an OK Batman. No, I thought he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think. Sorry to say. Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know.”

It's not officially confirmed until Affleck or DC/WB confirm it but there had been talk upon talk about Affleck may be leaving the DC series as Batman. 
Honestly, Affleck is one heck of a Batman ...
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First look at Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2.

by MovieCreedLive on August 7, 2017
josh brolin as cable
Many people were kind of surprised and excited that actor Josh Brolin was chosen to play Cable aka the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. 
We'll many were excited because Brolin is one of the best actors of this new generation and has shown his skills in films like but are far from limited to 'No Country For Old Men' and even 'Sicario'. We have been receiving constant updates about Brolin in the gym working out and more adding to gains and muscle to play the time traveling mutant.
We'll now we have the first official look at Brolin as Cable and it looks sort of fantastic. 
josh brolin, cable, deadpool 2
josh brolin as Cable
The main man looks like a character from Terminator like he can play the new Terminator or something. It also seems that Deadpool or Wade Wilson himself is the marketing main man for the film also seeing that most of ...
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The Flash: Flashpoint Film Gets A Release Date ~ Wonder Woman Confirmed.

by MovieCreedLive on August 7, 2017
the flashpoint paradox film
Last year, after I first seen 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice' and had seen Bruce Wayne father and mother Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, I felt like yeah these are the right people for a Flashpoint Paradox film. A series that originally follows the Flash Barry Allen going back in time unintentionally by way of the speedforce and witnessing a world at war between Aquaman and Atlantis and Wonder Woman and the Amazons. 
The series also features Batman or Bruce Wayne's father Thomas Wayne taking on the role as Batman and Martha taking on the role of Joker and Bruce ultimately being the one killed the night of his parent's death. All that sound like heaven that I knew probably would not be coming anytime soon. Luckily I was wrong, judging from recent news. Forbes revealed that Warner Bros ...
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Avengers Infinity War Comic Con 2017 Poster & Trailer Revealed.

by MovieCreedLive on July 24, 2017

avengers infinity war

The outing for Avengers: Infinity War has finally been revealed at this year’s 2017 Comic Con.

 The comic con outing presented a good look at the Avengers this time around and all who will be joining the original team to combat Thanos the mad titan.

We were blessed with the most recent version of an 'Avengers: Infinity War' poster and a trailer. The poster was of a low-res image of the Marvel threequel that features Chris Evans as Nomad Captain America who also has a beard, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow but with new blonde hair and we even see Anthony Mackie as Falcon.

avengers infinity war poster

The image also includes other characters like Vision, Scarlet Witch, Loki, Thor, Hulk and even the Guardians of the Galaxy with Iron Man, Black Panther, Buckey, Dr. Strange, Hawk Eye, War Machine aka James Rhodes and even Spiderman who is wearing his awesome Iron Spider ...

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Justice League Comic Con 2017 Trailer Revealed ~ Steppenwolf vs The League

by MovieCreedLive on July 24, 2017

justice league trailer

The Justice League film is gearing to release soon and just like every other film, it received its trailer spot at theism years Comic Con 2017.

The trailer went up against other comic book series like Marvel's Avengers and Thor Ragnarok and many other and judging from the trailer, it held its own.

In the trailer we see the appearance of Darkseid's very own uncle and commander of the Apokolyptian army known as the Parademons Steppenwolf. We also go a glance at the League in action and trying to fight off Steppenwolf who did an exceptional job fighting the characters.

I wonder if Steppenwolf actually killed the Amazons after he arrived in front of them. Knowing a being like Steppenwolf, I believe he slaughtered all he wanted just like his nephew Darkseid would have but in a much different way and possibly without an ego attached to his ...

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Thor: Ragnarok Official Comic Con 2017 Trailer Revealed ~ Epic.

by MovieCreedLive on July 24, 2017


thor ragnarok

Thor is one of Marvel's greatest heroes of all time. He is also so exceptional because he is the same deity that is part of Norse Mythology. Still, we are on our third film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if the Thor series and this is called Thor: Ragnarok. We were graced with the first trailer in the film series a few months ago and now the official comic con trailer for the film has been revealed.

thor ragnarok

The comic con 2017 trailer is exceptional and could put this film as the greatest in at least the Thor solo film franchise so far. The trailer showed us a glance at the mighty Thor and the destruction of Asgard by the hand of the Queen of Death in Norse Mythology Hela.

It also showed us a better look at the relationship between a newer and extraordinary looking Hulk, Heimdall fighting off ...

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Ben Affleck's Future as Batman Allegedly in Question - Again?!

by MovieCreedLive on July 21, 2017

ben affleck, batman, future

There have been a lot of rumors roaming around pertaining to our favorite caped crusader Batman and he being played by actor Ben Affleck. One of the most reoccurring rumors is that Ben Affleck may not be playing Batman for too long, which was kind of puzzling seeing he just started putting on the mask of Bruce Wayne and Batman. Now we have a new update pertaining to almost the same thing.

It was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that WB plans to gracefully usher in Ben Affleck as Batman and slowly and gracefully move him out at the exact same time in the Detective Comics universe as it move forward with a planner trilogy of Batman movies by director Matt Reeves.

It was also revealed by the guys over at THR that there would be an in-continuity reason for the change in Batman actors, which probably would mean that ...

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