Was Erik Killmonger's Actions Justified?

February 20, 2018
was erik killmonger right?
Ryan Coogler's Black Panther film has been in theaters for just a couple of days and it has already broken box office and many other records. The film has also been certified as a critically acclaimed film by both us and even fans. 
The actors of the film were stated to have embodied their characters fully. Actors like Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther himself and many other people. However, most fans have stated that the best actor or the main person who stole the show was not the main heroes but an alleged villain. The person I speak of is none other than Michael B. Jordan who plays Erik Killmonger. Many people and even I can say that Michael B. Jordan was in exceptional as Killmonger. Still, even though Killmonger was said to be the best character and actor in the film, many people have mixed views on his actions. 
The truth, many think that Erik Killmonger was the best villain so far and actually the only villain who has a legit reason for being a villain and doing what he does. However, again many think that his actions were not justified. Well before I give my opinion, there are major spoilers ahead and if you hadn't seen the movie you should see it first before reading. We'll Erik Killmonger when it all came down to him telling why he did what he did, revealed that he basically just wanted to obtain power so he can basically avenge his father and also help other black people around the world. 
Killmonger basically came from the slums of the neighborhood he grew up in, became part of the special forces in the US and killed many people, got together with Ulysses Klaw and later killed he and his own girlfriend to get a way to Wakanda so he can challenge T'challa or any current Black Panther, take his throne and use the Vibranium and technology to finish what his father started before his uncle T'chaka aka T'challa's father had killed his father and unite blacks everywhere with Wakandian technology to fight for their freedom to get away from opression. 
In all truth, this was Killmonger's story and goals throughout the film. Killmonger was driving to the brink of anger from seeing all the bad things happening to his own people. 
So in all truth, was Killmonger justified in what he did? Let MovieCreedLive know by dropping a comment. 
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