Stan Lee's Role in the MCU Bigger Than Just Cameos!

November 2, 2018
Stan Lee's Role in the MCU Bigger Than Just Cameos!
Stan Lee is arguably the greatest or one of the greatest comic book creators of all time. The 90-year-old comic book icon is, alongside the great Jack Kirby, known for creating the Marvel Universe that is full of iconic characters that include the Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and many other characters.
A few decades ago, Lee sold his baby Marvel to Disney who in turn revamped the then dying comic book industry and later kicked off the iconic MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe. The same universe that is dominating the movie and streaming industry. Companies like Sony and 20th Century Fox also own movie rights to Marvel characters like Spider-Man with Sony and X-men, Deadpool and more for 20th Century Fox, who may soon be part of Disney also. 
Still, Lee has not been just sitting idle as he and Jack Kirby's characters are being brought to life on the big screen. Lee has been part of the MCU but in a different way. Lee has taken it upon himself, by all rights, to make appearances or cameos in all Marvel outings. Lee has made an outstanding 56 cameos so far since the 1980s when he first made an appearance was as the jury member in the TV movie "The Trial of the Incredible Hulk" in 1989. He then went on to make his next appearance in 2000s X-Men movie, 2002's Spider-Man, 2003's Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Captain America, Incredible Hulk and many more. 
Still, many may think that all these cameos are just a coincidence and are just to pay homage to Lee and his unshackable and undeniable contribution to the comic book world and more. This claim may be true, however, I think there should be another reason behind Lee's cameos in his properties in the many different universes that have been presented in film and other so far. I think that Lee is or should be portrayed as the One Above All, which is extremely fitting. 
In case you don't know who the One Above All is, the One Above All is the God of the Marvel Universe. The being that stands above all no matter where and even when in the Marvel Multiverse and is the most powerful being in the universe. He/She is the God of all and there is no one more powerful period so far.
Stan Lee actually being the One Above All would be beautiful to tie up Lee's appearance in every figment of the Marvel Live Action and even cartoon Unvierse, which Lee appeared in different points in history where the main characters were and even on different planets at least one time. I think Lee is up in age, and hopefully we get to see him for at least 10 more years, would be the ultimate present just in case. Lee talking to someone like Steve Rogers or Tony Stark and giving them a pep talk on how stuff begins or anything that would be iconic. 
I even though I look at this as my idea, this would be exceptional if it was confirmed. There are so many signs pointing at this being done or at least need to be done. Lee being everywhere from the 1940s in the crowd speaking about Cap to he actually being on Sikar with Thor, to him being in now noncanon previous films. This would be exceptional and a tribute couldn't get better than this. 
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Reporting: Max Oda
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