What Makes a Truly Great Sports Movie?

April 30, 2019
Sports movies are not your ordinary or daily Hollywood movies. They do have similarities with ordinary movies, like the tendency to follow action and increase tension; they also have good guys and bad guys, but these characters are shown with less ambiguity than in other genres.
So, what makes a sports movie great? Well, it is not the amazing acting—this doesn’t have to be exceptional to make a sports movie great, but it does help, as is the case in Raging Bull, Bull Durham, and others. Its greatness does not depend on whether it is funny or sad, since there are sad ones and happy ones, but a majority of them are a blend of both.
Here are some things that make a sports movie truly great:
Realism is key
To have a great sports movie, realism is a necessity, or else you will be giving a false representation of the sports activity and making it less effective. However, there are a few sports movies that can be realist yet still interesting, like Major League and Caddyshack, among others. Realism is mostly needed for the characters and the story, while the sports part can be fiction, like in White Men Can’t Jump; above all, it is crucial that the movie is entertaining.
Make it an underdog story
What makes sports movies so sought after by audiences all over the world is that movie lovers cannot get enough of watching the weaker team or player end up winning the game. The victory of the underdog infuses hope in the audience, who lives in a world where the media has all its attention on only the successful and rich sportsmen. It goes without saying that a movie about a character or a team who is performing great in their game and who has no conflict will rarely find favor with the audience. For example, The Mighty Ducks, Little Giants, Major League, and Happy Gilmore are all underdog stories, and the list is endless. On the other hand, there are not so many great sports movies revolving around amazing teams due to the fact that motion pictures are largely meant to have the hero encounter some adversity, which can be internal or external.
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Use tons of slow motion
Generally, most sports have rapid movements, and even in the case of baseball, where we find action on very few occasions, it is so fast when it happens. With common games like soccer, hockey, and basketball, the great moments happen in a split second. Sports broadcasters employ slow-motion replays to allow the audience to grasp in detail the amazing moments of strength and prowess. Sports movies also need slow motion to allow the audience to catch the details of these great moments. Also, it heightens tension and leaves the audience unsure if their hero is going to win the big game.
The making of a great sports movie calls for some key things. Some of them include employing realism, making it an underdog story, and using a lot of slow motion to allow the audience to capture the great moments and to create tension.

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