Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Trailer Revealed - The Jedi Will End.

by MovieCreedLive on April 14, 2017
For eons, fans have awaited the arrival of a visual from the latest episode in the Star Wars Universe titled 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi.' 
Last week or last month, we revealed that the Star Wars Orlando reunion or outing would bare fruit and the first trailer or sneak peek for the film was going to be shown at the event. We also, revealed that Hayden Christensen was supposed to be part of the line-up for the first time in years and that rumors are swirling that he may be in the league to play Darth Vader again despite past comments and feeling about the movie industry and even the Star Wars series. 
We'll despite the later news, we have the official trailer for The Last Jedi and its spectacular. The trailer features Luke Skywalker or Luke's voice in the background training Rey how to use her force ...
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Deadpool 2: Josh Brolin to Play Cable & Ryan Reynolds React to News.

by MovieCreedLive on April 12, 2017
It was recently announced that actor Josh Brolin will be portraying yet another Marvel character. Brolin is already set to portray "The Mad Titan" Thanos and now it was revealed that he will be portraying son of Jean Grey & Scott Summers Cable.
Reynolds had heard the news and decided to release his thoughts on the whole thing. Reynolds tweeted: "The fuck, Fox! You can't play 2 characters in the same universe!! Josh Brolin was in Sicario and I was in Sabrina The Teenage Witch." 
The Oscar-nominated MILK actor will join not only Reynolds but also Zazie Beetz, who is playing Domino, in the sequel that’s being directed by David Leitch. Michael Shannon reportedly was the front-runner for the role. Brolin is committed to Fox for a four-pic run.
Cable first was revealed as an infant in the  1986 Uncanny X-Men series. His adult identity was created by writer ...
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Star Wars: Mark Hamill & Daisy Ridley Make Star Wars Announcement.

by MovieCreedLive on April 11, 2017
The Star Wars Orlando event is just days away and the first official trailer for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' is set to premiere or be one of the headliners for the event. The other headliner is set to the return of Hayden Christensen for the first time in over a decade over to the event. 
Actress Daisy Ridley and legendary actor Mark Hamil decided to release an exceptional update pertaining to the other event titled 'Star Wars: Force for Change. 
Hamill and Daisey decided to reveal to fans what they can win something from the event if they give their support. They even reveal that fans can be part or featured in the upcoming Han Solo film. They also reveal that winners can also win a trip to Skywalker Ranch where the great George Lucas created the whole series or one of the places where Lucas created his former ...
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Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Revealed - Asgard Is Dead & War is Hulk.

by MovieCreedLive on April 10, 2017
For a while, fans waited to see the visual for the third installment in the Thor solo film universe also known as 'Thor: Ragnarok.' 
We'll the teaser trailer is here and it does not disappoint. It shows that the film will bring about a Guardians of the Galaxy retro looking feel to it. It also shows Hela and how Thor was put in the position that he is now in. It also shows Jeff Goldblum's appearance as the Grandmaster. 

As you can see, Thor will be battling the Hulk as promised and Asgard will fall unexpectedly and it may have been that its all of Thor's fault seeing that he is imprisoned. Still, I think Thor fighting against Hela may be one of the most spectacular battles in the film and only second to Thor vs. Hulk.
I'm pretty sure that we all may know the ...
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Star Wars: Carrie Fisher to Be in 'Episode IX'

by MovieCreedLive on April 9, 2017
It was extremely heartbreaking to report that actress Carrie Fisher had died back in December and as I was hurt, there was without any doubt that fans of the iconic Star Wars series felt the sting also.
Many fans also, questioned the future of Carrie's character Leia Organa in the series as the star was supposed to scheduled to do a couple more films in the series at the least before her untimely passing. A couple months ago, we revealed that Disney allegedly giving a thought about bringing Fisher's character in as a hologram in the upcoming films seeing that she had already finished Episode 8 'The Last  Jedi.' These were said to be nothing but rumors being pushed out by some outlet trying to make a name for itself more than likely. 
However, Carrie Fisher's brother, Todd Fisher, just revealed that Carrie will be returning in ...
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New Mummy International Trailer Mix A Little Mystical With Realistic Action.

by MovieCreedLive on April 8, 2017
The new Mummy series that features actor Tom Cruise is set to release in theaters pretty soon and the film looks exceptionally promising.
The promising statement is steaming from several marketing tools we've seen pertaining to the film. First, we got a glimpse of the new villain aka the female Mummy and then we got a glimpse of some of her powers and abilities.
We've even witnessed many of the characters go fist to face with each other over yet unknown reasons, particularly Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe's character. 
Now the international visual is out and it features a lot more bad ass action and supernatural scenes than shown before from other trailers for the series. The trailer even shows Cruise running while being shot at and surviving a fatal crash for reasons revealed in the i.t. 

I have to say this, this film doesn't ...
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Tupac is Back in New 'All Eyez on Me' TV Spot.

by MovieCreedLive on April 7, 2017
The biopic chronicling the critically acclaimed god of rap, Tupac Shakur, has released yet another trailer for his biopic. 
The new trailer is unbelievable exceptional and it gives you one of the best insights into the life of the rap god himself. The trailer also shows you exactly what Tupac Shakur had to go through and also what kind of being or person the big man really was.
The trailer also shows some iconic figures from the rap industry during that time like Shug Knight, Notorious B.I.G, and many others.

As you can see, the trailer shows Tupac exceptionally powerful stepfather Mutulu Shakur and brilliant and powerful mother, the late Affeni Shakur. I know the story will reveal many other things that we just don't know about the man.
However, I am kind of skeptical of the film. This is because the original creator or person behind ...
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