The Hunt is Back on In New Trailer for 'The Predator' film.

by MovieCreedLive on May 10, 2018
Shane Black's new trailer for his upcoming movie titled 'The Predator' has finally been released.
The trailer shows that the Predator has taken the hunt from the jungle to the suburbs. The trailer also shows that the film will follow the synopsis, which still in many opinions may not be too good. 
'The Predator' is said to feature Predators from a supposedly new background or interaction with other species that have not been seen before aka humans. The Predators are said to supposedly be working with humans or some, of course, will be interacting with humans. 
Many fans have seen the trailer and many revealed that the trailer isn't half bad but fans speak about how the Predators collecting skulls equate with them taking DNA from other species to make themselves stronger.
Many fans spoke about Black actually leaving the reason the Predators collect skulls just to them ...
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Daniel Craig Paid $25M to Play James Bond Again.

by MovieCreedLive on May 10, 2018
Daniel Craig already revealed that he will be returning as the suave MI6 man with a silence to kill James Bond in yet another film. 
However, it has been revealed that Craig will be getting  $25 million to play Bond again. Many are extremely excited that Craig will be playing Bond after he revealed that he would rather break a glass and slash his wrist with it before playing the character again. 
This is what he told Time Out magazine in their 2015 interview with the man with the plan. He also said that all he does is actually want to move on. Craig then revealed that he didn't mean it for good but for at least two years and if he did it would be for the money mostly. 
Back in 2012, Craig was paid $17 million to play in Skyfall, which made him the highest-paid Bond actor ...
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Jordan Peele Eyes 'Black Panther's' Lupita Nyong'o & Winston Duke For 'Get Out' Sequel.

by MovieCreedLive on May 9, 2018
Jordan Peele just revealed that the official title for his new movie is 'US.' Peele also revealed that he is looking to nab exceptional stars and 'Black Panther' actors Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o for roles in the movie. 
The name release came in the form of a poster that was officially released by Universal and shared by Peele himself. The poster gives strong vibes that the film will be a horrific one. Actually to be frank the poster says that "a new nightmare from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele." The poster below also features two nice but horrific silhouettes. 
If Nyong'o decides to join the movie, this would be her latest project after coming off Marvel's 'Black Panther' film. On the other hand, in Winston Duke's case, this will be the second movie he has been in or third after coming off ...
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New 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' TV Spot Shows a True Star Wars Movie.

by MovieCreedLive on May 7, 2018
It seems like Lucasfilm's side story or spin-off series for 'Star Wars' named 'A Star Wars Story' is taking over the 'Star Wars' world. 
An example of this is the new or the latest film in the 'A Star Wars Story' saga that follows the Corellian Smuggler Han Solo named 'Solo: A Star Wars Story.' The second film in the 'A Star Wars Story' saga that takes place before 'Rogue One', is gearing up to be released pretty soon and a new TV Spot has been released for the film. 
The TV Spot shows while with just two films, the 'A Star Wars Story' is a fan favorite and I dare say probably more of a fan favorite than the past two films in the continuum. 

Board the Millennium Falcon and journey to a galaxy far, far away in “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” an all-new adventure with ...
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'Avengers: Infinity War' Becomes Fastest Film to Reach $1 Billion.

by MovieCreedLive on May 7, 2018
'Avengers: Infinity War' is gearing up to not becoming the highest grossing Marvel movie to date next to 'Black Panther' but its also has broken another box office record.
It has been revealed that 'Infinity War' has just become the first movie in history to earn $1 billion worldwide. 
The film is expected to surpass $1 billion at the global box office before its weekend. The movie is also the sixth Marvel Studio film to earn $1 billion, joining films like 'Captain America: Civil War' ($1.1B), Black Panther ($1.3B), Iron Man 3 ($1.2B), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.4B) and The Avengers ($1.5B). 
'Avengers: Infinity War' is expected to earn $122 million in its second weekend at the domestic box office. The movie amounts to being the second-highest second weekend of all time, behind on 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' $149 million. Avengers: Infinity War had ...
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Joe Russo Say 'Venom' is Not Direct Property of the MCU.

by MovieCreedLive on May 5, 2018
Avengers: Infinity War is going to become one of the highest grossing films of all time. The film has already grossed $1B worldwide and it's been little over than a week since it's been released. Many fans say that the success of the movie has come from of course the actors but it also comes from the directors of the movie aka the Russo Brothers. 
Speaking of the Russo Brothers, after coming off the high of the success from the same film, Joe Russo revealed something else pertaining to a character from the Marvel comic book universe.
In a recent interview at Iowa City High, the students asked Joe a few questions. One of the questions was pertaining to the character Venom and he being part of the Universe and Russo simply commented: “No, that’s a Sony property.” Russo's response isn't a surprise seeing that ...
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Ryan Coogler Reveals What Happen to Erik Killmonger's Mother.

by MovieCreedLive on May 5, 2018
Ryan Coogler Reveals What Happen to Erik Killmonger's Mother
Black Panther is said to be one of Marvel's top grossing films of all time and may only be surpassed by Infinity Wars with the help of Black Panther himself and the 1000 other characters that are in the film and the memorable villain Thanos. 
With that said, the Blockbuster is about to be released on Blu-ray and director Ryan Coogler cleared up a few things pertaining to the supposed villain fan proclaimed liberator Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan). Killmonger himself was an exceptional character in the film which is the total opposite he was in the comic books aka a pure villain he was. 
Fans connected to the character and wanted to know more about his life or what wasn't shown on the big screen. The thing most people asked about was Killmonger's mother. Many people wanted to know just where Killmonger's mother is or ...
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