MTV Bringing Back 'Celebrity Deathmatch' & Gore.

by MovieCreedLive on December 6, 2018
MTV Bringing Back 'Celebrity Deathmatch' & Gore.
It has been revealed that 'Celebrity Deathmatch' is set to be resurrected. The MTV Studios show that dominated the late-nineties claymation series and infamously pitted famous stars, icons and more against each other in bloody bouts is back again. 
Ice Cube is slated to serve as executive producer and lead the new vocal cast. The series tried to come back to viewers and come back in 2015 via MTV2, however, the network decided to decline to fund new episodes. According to the guys over at Hollywood Reporter, the success of their series 'The Real World''s revival after it was picked up by video-on-demand service Facebook Watch inspired the reboot. MTV is pushing several of their now-now-vintage titles for similar pickups, including Daria, Aeon Flux and Made.
MTV president Chris McCarthy issued a statement on the series reemergence, citing a growing relationship between Ice Cube's film and television production ...
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Netflix Dracula Miniseries Cast its Count

by MovieCreedLive on November 28, 2018


There have been an unbelievable amount of incarnations of the famous Romanian native and King of the Vampires, Dracula. The story that had been derived from the real Romanian Prince Vlad "Dracula" Tepes III or Vlad the Impaler who would impale his enemies alive on pikes and dine around the rotting corpses, has had his story told by Bram Stroker aka the original creator of the series many times.

The biggest teller or showing of this character came from and possibly is owned by Universal Studios. Universal is the same studio who was known for casting Bela Lugosi as the count in 1931 and on in their first Dracula film that is of the same name. The mantle was passed throughout the years to the late great Christopher Lee who kept the character lore going to Gary Oldman who gave a phenomenal showing of the blooding loving and powerful king ...

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Pedro Pascal to be Lead in Star Wars 'The Mandalorian' Series

by MovieCreedLive on November 14, 2018
The Star Wars series is expecting a new entry into its vast old but new world. 
It was announced a while ago that there would be an upcoming Star Wars series that would be made just for television. Then we later revealed that the show would circle around the famed warrior race known as the Mandalorians. If you don't know, the Mandalorians are a race of conquers and warriors who are well known for their armor or technology and their battle prowess. They are also well known for being a threat and enemy of the Jedi and at a time the Sith. 
Nevertheless, an official name for the show was later revealed and the show was basically titled 'The Mandalore' and it also came with a beautiful picture of a character in Mandalorian armor. 
Now we have news that the series has found its leading man. The person we ...
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Disney Turns Strong Profit on Star Wars Lucasfilm Purchase.

by MovieCreedLive on October 31, 2018
Disney brought Star Wars back in 2012 for over $4 billion and after six years of the property is in its possession, it has been revealed that Disney had made a lot of profit from their acquisition. 
Actually, it has been revealed that Disney has turned and got back its profit from their buyout of the company or Star Wars franchise and Lucasfilm from George Lucas. 
The news comes from CNBC who had revealed that Star Wars is an immensely profitable asset to Disney just like Marvel and Pixar is. The company revealed that a considerable amount of revenue has been generated. comScore analyst Paul Degarabedian revealed that Disney has "more than made back" the $4 billion they put into buying the franchise. 
Figures like these are and will only increase as things progress. Disney is already getting great traction from the upcoming TV show titled 'The Mandalorian'. Disney is ...
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Star Wars: Directors For 'The Mandalorian' TV Show Revealed & Series Already Sounds Compelling.

by MovieCreedLive on October 6, 2018
A few days ago, we revealed the first official look at Star Wars upcoming Live Action Tv series titled 'The Mandalorian'. 
Well, many fans saw the photo of the Mandalorian and there were almost instant approval on an extremely large scale and many fans even showed extreme excitement for the upcoming television series. At first, of course, the fans were extremely skeptical about the series but I say again, fans have officially approved. 
Many fans said that the picture of the currently unknown Mandalorian made them feel like they will finally be getting a Star Wars showing they actually deserve. 
I think that fans may be even more excited about some even greater news. First, the official people or list of directors that will be behind the series had been revealed. These directors are Dave Filoni (Clone Wars), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), Rick Famuyiwa (Dope), Bryce Dallas Howard (Soulmates) and ...
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Star Wars: Resistance ~ Official Synopsis introduced.

by MovieCreedLive on July 27, 2018
star wars resistance
Star Wars is preparing to do a few things in these upcoming years. There are said to be many movies coming out for the series that will reportedly last an extremely long period or span over at least 10 years. They are also gearing up to release a whole new movie which is currently just titled Episode  9. 
Now the official synopsis for their upcoming television show titled Star Wars: Resistance has been revealed and it actually shows a look at the main character. The synopsis was released via the German Disney-XD channel for the first episode titled "The Recruit". 
According to German website Fernsehserien, the German Disney XD has just revealed quite a bit about the show. It seems the first season will run for 22 episodes, with the first episode bearing the title "The Recruit". Prominent German Star Wars fan JediFlorian took to Twitter with a translation of ...
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Disney Approved for Most of 21st Century Fox Acquisition.

by MovieCreedLive on June 27, 2018
Just a few weeks ago, the government approved the merger of AT&T and Time Warner. The approval had shaken up the business world to the point others started to supposedly think about acquiring other big-name companies. Prior to the government's approval of the AT&T and Time Warner merger, Disney had its sights on acquiring 21st Century Fox's entertainment branch.
We'll the US Justice Department has officially agreed to allow Disney to purchase the assets of 21st Century Fox that the company and Disney had agreed upon. However, the Justice Department revealed that Disney will have to sell off 22 of Fox's regional sports networks.
Disney's purchase isn't yet final. The settlement must first be approved by a federal judge, and Fox's shareholders also have to vote in favor of the deal. Disney released a short statement revealing that it is pleased ...
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